Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Birthday Test

This week is my birthday, so I decided to test. Tested absolute strength, relative strength, and strength/power endurance. For absolute strength, I used the deadlift. At this point I only have a 300 pound barbell set. 300 went up slow and steady on the first and only try. Could have done more, but can’t say how much. Could certainly have pulled 315, maybe more. Since I never deadlift anymore, I’m pleased with this result. It’s not powerlifter strong, but stronger than a lot of guys my age.

I got 12 pullups. The last few reps were ugly, and involved some lower body gymnastics. My all-time best is 13, when I was younger, lighter, and focused on pullups. I have kept a lot of my pullup strength without doing a lot of pullups. I’ve done sets of 5 lately, with a set of 10 thrown in here and there. Like with the deadlift, it could be better, but I’ll take it. I think that bent presses have contributed to my lat strength, as well as the overall posterior chain strengthening of kettlebell long cycle and half snatch.

Tested strength/power endurance with the long cycle clean and jerk. I used a 32k kettlebell. I did 154 reps in 30 minutes, without putting down the weight. My previous best, a month ago, was 150 reps. This is only the second time I’ve gone 30 minutes with the red bell. I started at 6 rpm, but realized 4 minutes in that I could not sustain this pace, so dropped to 5 rpm. This performance would not earn a rank or turn many heads at an IKMF event, but I’m pleased with it. This was the hardest set I’ve ever done, mentally and physically. 70 pounds gets very heavy, and I wanted to stop several times. I’m pleased that I got my 30 minutes, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

In summary, I’m 41, weigh 179 pounds. I can pick up over 300 pounds, do 12 pullups, and pick a 70 pound weight up and overhead 154 times in 30 minutes without stopping. I’ve done close to 300 half-snatches with a 53 lb. kettlebell in 30 minutes. In the world of professional strength athletes and tactical operators, I doubt I’m even entry-level strong yet. But for a preacher with two kids and a desk job, I think I’m ahead of the curve. I’m grateful for strength, and for the chance to use it to the benefit of those I love. 

June 2018 Training Log

6      179.5 lb. Measured, cut, and painted trim boards for several hours. Grease the groove pullups: 5 sets of 5, for 25 reps today. Clean and jerk, 24k: 20m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 160 reps.

5      180 lb. Walked a little over a mile with Dawn. Did straight bar pullups, grease the groove style. Six sets of 5, nice and easy. 30 reps today.

4      Worked on the house for a few hours. Did a few pullups. 2x5, 1 set of 10. I can get 10 pullups now just about any time I try. My best ever is 13 reps.  1 quick set of 25 pushups.

3      178.5 lb. Mid-afternoon training between church services. Single clean and jerk, 24k: 10m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 100 reps. Very hard. Could not have gone faster, and could not have gotten 12 minutes at this pace. Rested 5m, then tried to start a set of 24k half-snatches, but could not. Pulse rate still elevated, muscles tired. 10rpm is still a very fast pace for me. I’ve done 30m @ 9rpm, but that was a max set. I need more time at 8 and 9 rpm. Today was a good test. Legs and cardio really strained at 10rpm with this weight.

I’ve speculated a lot about possible training protocols, but I think that at this point in my life, my best bet is to invest more time in the 24k. Twenty to thirty minutes of bent press/get ups makes for a pretty good grind day. 20+ minutes of clean and jerks or half-snatches is hard to beat as a ballistic day, and keeps me working toward CMS rank in half-marathon. If I exceed the CMS numbers with 24k, then I’m well-prepared to start training toward rank with the 28k. Basic calisthenics and running to round it out. With the summer I have ahead of me, this may be the best way to cover all my bases.          

1      178 lb.  Painted the front of the house today. Total painting time about 6 hours. Took a break halfway through and did bent press/getup combo with 24k. 1 rep OTM for 30m = 15 reps per arm. A nice strength flow. Fasted until 11:00. Used some BCAA’s about 8:00, then after my training. Felt good all day.   

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 2018 Training Log

31    177.5 lb. For training today, went light and long. Long cycle clean and jerk, 2x12k: 15m @ 6rpm = 90 reps. Rested 7m, then single clean and jerk, 12k: 20m @ 10 rpm, 1 hand switch = 100/100. In total, each arm did 190 clean and jerks with a 12k. Total of 35m of cardio. Nothing was very hard. It was a moderate effort to finish each set, but for the most part, easy training. Trained fasted, with only a serving of BCAA’s before lifting. Felt great, high energy afterward. Stretched a few minutes, ab wheel, and called it a day.

30    179 lb.  Easy grind day: 5 single bent presses per arm, 28k.

28    181.5 lb. Ate too much this weekend. Fasting until lunchtime. Took 7g of BCAA’s before training. Long cycle clean and jerk, 2x12k. Warm up: 1m @ 8rpm. Work sets: 10m @ 6rpm = 60 reps. Conditioning, legs, and grip were great. Shoulders fatigued because I’m accustomed to switching arms. Rested 6m, then another 10m @ 6rpm = 60 reps. Second set felt much easier. Breathing well, sweating like crazy. Rested 6m, then 5m @ 6rpm = 30 reps. 150 reps total, not counting warm up.  Rested a while, then stretching.

 I’ll probably work on this occasionally and see if I can get to 30m @ 8rpm = 240 reps. If so, I’ll start working toward it with 2x16k. The IKMF has opened up a new category: half marathon double long cycle. CMS at my weight is 230 reps with 2x16k. I’ve trained long sets of long cycle in the past, and enjoy it. This can give me another goal to work toward which complements my other half-marathon training.  This could also set me up to return to traditional long cycle with much better technique and endurance. I wonder: if I can do 30m @ 8rpm with 2x16k, can I get 60 reps in 10m with 2x24k? If I can do double long cycle for ranking with IKMF and RGSI, then I can stay more motivated.

A training protocol to consider: A first set of double long cycle with 2x24k, 2x22k, or 2x20k: 5-7 minutes at rank pace (6rpm), to get heavier, shorter sets in to work toward traditional long cycle ranking. Then two sets of up to 10m with 2x12k or 2x16k at half-marathon rank pace (8rpm). This could help me get stronger in long cycle, while working on endurance and technique with lighter weights. At my weight, 240 reps in 30 minutes with 2x16k will get me CMS in half-marathon from IKMF, and 60 reps in 10 minutes with 2x24k will get me CMS from RGSI. Perhaps I can train these goals simultaneously. When I need a break, I can train half-snatch for high rep ballistics. Continue to have strength days with bent presses, getups, pullups, dips, hill sprints. I’ll have to think this over and experiment. I’ll have to work up to the volume, but some time spent with 12k and 20k bells should ease me into it.

25    178 lb. Straight bar pullups: 1 set of 10. A few hours of easy/moderate physical work. Training: bent press/getup combo, 28k: 1 rep OTM for 20m.

24    178 lb. Straight bar pullups: 1 set of 10. Long cycle clean and jerk. Warm up: 2m @ 8rpm, 28k. Work set: 16m @ 12 rpm, 16k = 192 reps. This pace feels very fast to me. Shoulders and grip were fine, legs were starting to fatigue, but could have gone longer. Stopped because of breathing- just can’t keep going at this pace. I’ll probably incorporate more of these light, fast sets of long cycle and half snatch, along with heavier work.  Dips: 2x12. Ab wheel: 10, 5. Hill sprints: 7 times up driveway. Stretching. In the evening, 1 set of 30 pushups.

23   179 lb.  Bent press, 28k: 10 singles per arm during the day, while working in the office.

22   179 lb. Half snatch, 28k. Warm up: 2m @ 8rpm. Work set: 20m @ 8 rpm = 160 reps. Total 176 reps. Rested 12m, then hill sprints: 5 times up driveway. Stretching.

21    Tried to train, but very distracted. Got a few sets of 1-2m of half-snatch, clean and jerk with 28k. 3 bent presses per arm with 32k. Ring pullups: 8,6,4 = 18. Called it a day.

20     No training today. No soreness from yesterday’s hill sprints.

19    179 lb. Worked on sheetrock most of the day at an easy pace. Training: bent press/TGU combo, 24k: 10/10 reps in 20m. 1 rep OTM. Each rep took about :35, rested until the top of the next minute. Felt good. Good flexibility in bent press. The weight was about right for this volume. Rested a few minutes, then ran the hill on the driveway three times. About 30-40 yards. Trying out hill sprints, so worked at a moderate pace and low volume to acclimate. Almost immediate soreness in glutes. Stretched.

18     179 lb.

17     179 lb. Tested straight bar pullups: 10 reps. First 6 were ridiculously easy. Worked on deck stair railings for several hours. Clean and jerk, 28k: 14m @ 7 rpm (8rpm last 2 minutes), hand switch OTM = 100 reps.

16     177.5 lb. Worked in the office all day. Brought a 28k kettlebell. Clean and press: 2 singles. Bent press: 7 singles per arm throughout the day.

14     179 lb. Worked on house for about 5 hours. Siding and soffits. Took a break and did half-snatch, 28k: 22m @ 6rpm = 132 reps. I think this is a PR. I could have gotten 30m at this pace for 180 reps. Conditioning was fine, grip and legs were good. Shoulders were starting to fatigue, but if I had pushed, I could have finished a half marathon set.

13     180 lb. Bent press/getup, 16k: 5 reps per arm. Cleaned the kettlebell, did a bent press, then while the bell was overhead, went down into a getup, then back up. It’s been far too long since I worked on getups. This was harder than it should have been. Years ago I could do getups with a 40k, which was half my bodyweight. Felt tension in my lower back. Probably a good idea to do more of these and regain my strength and flexibility at these angles. Half snatch, 24k: 2m @ 8 rpm. Started a set of these, but just not interested in a long set today after this weekend’s activity. A little dumbbell work: curl and press: 2x12 lb: 12 reps. 2x20 lb.: 2 sets of 12. 1 set of 10 rollouts on the ab wheel.

9        179 lb. First time under 180 since March 22- 7 weeks. Built raised beds for about an hour, then training. Bent press, 16k: 2x5 per arm, still working on flexibility and mobility. Deep stretching. Half-snatch, 24k: 2m @ 10rpm. Half-snatch not feel right today, so switched to clean and jerk with a 32k. Have not used the red bell in a while. My previous best was 20m @ 5rpm = 100 reps, which I’ve done twice, I think. Today hit a PR: 30m @ 5 rpm, hand switch OTM = 150 reps.  First 20m were not so bad, but the last four minutes were very difficult. Cardio held out fine, even though pulse at the end was over 190. Felt it mostly in legs, grip, and shoulders, as well as overall fatigue.

7         Long day yesterday. Church, then an out-of-town wedding. Got home after midnight. Tried to sleep in, but woke up at 6:40. Cleaned house, moved stuff. Shoulders stiff and sore. Did bent presses, but lighter, and for reps. 2x5 per arm with 16k. The weight feels light. Left side was easy; almost perfect reps. On the right, I was able to focus on pulling my left shoulder down and locking out the elbow without pressing out. With heavier weights, I have to focus on stabilizing the weight. With lighter weights for reps, I can work on flexibility and technique. Feels good, like yoga with an iron ball overhead.  Later, some single clean and jerk training. 20m @ 7 rpm with 28k, hand switch OTM = 140 reps. This may be a PR at this pace. All-time best is 30m @ 6rpm = 180 reps. I’ve done this two or three times. If I were pushing today, I could perhaps have gotten 30m @ 7rpm = 210 reps, but it would have really been a struggle at the end. I feel stronger than when I last trained long cycle with this weight. Presses and half-snatches must be working. Or maybe I’m just having a good day. Finished with some ab wheel rollouts (2x5) and ring pullups (3x3).

5         Worked on siding and deck for several hours. Brought a 24k kettlebell around, and used it occasionally. Did a total of five bent presses per arm. Did 2 sets of 10/10 clean and push presses. Practiced some windmills. I think my imbalance may be in the lower body, causing my hips to be tighter when I bend to the left.

4         Worked on the house. No training.

3         181 lb. Bent press: a few reps per arm with a 28k, shooting a video for physical therapist. Then half-snatch, 24k: 20m @ 8rpm = 160 reps. Ab wheel rollouts: 8 reps from knees. Worked on deck for several hours.

2          No time for a real session, but have a 28k in the office. Did 4 bent presses per arm, spaced out over several hours. Talked to a physical therapist about the lack of mobility when bent pressing on the right. Going to send a video and get some advice.

1          Tried pullups on a straight bar. I usually do them on rings. I got 10 strict pullups on the straight bar, and am good for 6-7 on the rings. I’m glad to see that I’ve kept my pullup strength since doing the Fighter Pullup Program a few months ago. I worked up to 11 pullups then, and can still do 10, even though I’ve reduced the frequency and volume. Worked on the house, and brought a 24k kettlebell around. Did not have time for a proper workout, so did 4 sets of 10/10 half-snatches at a fast pace. Worked on keeping rep speed right, not rushing the reps, but not resting between reps. Working fast like this, I feel it in the legs and grip.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 2018 Training Log

30         180 lb. Bent press: 1 rep OTM for 20m, 24k. Was planning to do 30m, but was interrupted. I’m trying out a few sessions of bent pressing and snatching separately, so I can focus on each lift in the time I have available. Each rep takes about 20 seconds, taking the time to settle into each position properly. One per minute is about right to keep moving without getting tired. My left side is great, but I’m tight in the hips on the right side. When I press with my left hand, I have no problem jamming my right shoulder inside my left knee, but the opposite movement won’t happen yet. I can’t get that low with the left shoulder yet. My plan is to work on my flexibility and mobility slowly while practicing the lift, then add weight when the movement is right. When my body is ready, the weight will go up quickly.

I’m back to the original Program Minimum at this point. I read that the North American record in the bent press is 137 pounds, performed by David Whitley at a USAWA meet. I did an ugly rep with 135 a few years ago when I focused on it. It’s a great lift, and I seem to have some potential to be good at it.  I’m also close to CMS in the half-snatch half marathon event.

My goals at this point are to earn CMS in the half-snatch half marathon, and to bent press my 49k bell 20 times in 20 minutes. CMS at my current weight will require 250 half-snatches in 30 minutes with a 28k kettlebell. That should cover my needs for explosive power, endurance, grip and pulling. Bent pressing the 109 pound kettlebell for 20 minutes should give me an acceptable level of overall strength, flexibility, mobility, and strength endurance. Pavel said this is a good all-around program, and I can see that. However, it seems to me that three things are still lacking. The first is forward flexion. Pavel recommended ab work with the original program minimum, and I can see why. The second is an upper-body pull. Pullups would balance out all the overhead work nicely, and keep the shoulders happy. The third is locomotion. Neither of these movements involve ankle extension, and both are done standing still. Locomotion is an important part of human movement, so I’ll need to include it. Options include loaded carries, easy runs, hill sprints, and rope skipping. I’ll include the ab wheel and Roman chair, pullups, and locomotion a few times a week for variety.

28          180 lb. Bent press: 1 rep OTM for 12m. First rep with 32k, then remaining reps with 28k. 1 each with 32k, 5 each with 28k. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 28k: 16m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 96 reps. Bent presses felt good today, snatches felt heavy. Worked on house for several hours.

27          No training. Drove to Asheville for aircrew training. Flew a training sortie.

25          180.5 lb. Good day of training. Decided to go a little heavier and slower. Bent press plus OH squat, 28k: 1 rpm OTM for 20m = 10/10. Each rep took 20-25s. Trying to stretch and master each position. Rested about 12m, then half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. Worked on deck railing for several hours. Feeling much better than last few days.

24          180.5 lb.

21-23     Feeling really sick. Sore all over, chills, nausea, fatigue.  Lasted until Monday. Did a few bent press/OH squats: 24k, 28k, 32k, 32k, 28k, 24k. Nothing serious. Ended the day with a set of 40 pushups to beat Isaac.

19     182 lb. Great workout today. Started with bent press + overhead squat, 24k. Did 1 rep every :30, switching hands each time, for 10m = 10/10. I see the benefit of doing the bent press in both the windmill and squat style, so rather than choose, I did windmill bent presses, then an overhead squat before lowering the bell to the shoulder. I may make this my go-to grind for a while. I like the feeling of strength and flexibility. Left side is great, but right is still a little tight in the bottom position. Rested 5m, then hit a PR in the half-snatch with 24k: 30m @ 9 rpm, hand switch OTM = 270 reps. That’s 14,040 pounds. If I did this with a 28k bell, it would get me CMS with 20 reps to spare. My goal is CMS in this lift, so I’m close. It was hard, but nothing tried to give out. Shoulders, grip, legs, and lower back felt fine. Conditioning was good.  About an hour after my workout, was cleaning the basement and gym. Decided to see if I could deadlift 300. Got it in a slow, steady pull. It was hard, but I did it. I can’t remember the last time I pulled 300, but it’s been at least since before I moved out to my new place in the fall of 2015. Probably three years since I’ve deadlifted this much.

18    182 lb. Worked on deck for several hours. Got an arm workout using a pair of 36 inch bolt cutters to cut cattle panels for deck. Wanted a little full-body strength work, so did 10 minutes of bent pressing, 1 rep every :30, 24k. The pressing part is easy, but I’m having to regain the flexibility to assume the correct postures.

17     Worked on deck bannisters for about 6 hours. Lots of cutting and carrying boards up stairs, bending and stooping, etc. At Civil Air Patrol, ran a mile in 9:14, then played kickball with the cadets.

16     183 lb. Bent press, 24k: 5 reps per side. Half-snatch, 24k: 20m @ 9 rpm, hand switch OTM = 180 reps.

13     182 lb. Only worked with a 24k kettlebell today. 5 windmills per arm, 5 presses per arm. Shoulders feel tight. Presses were fine, but windmills were tough. Tried the setup for a bent press, but I’ve lost the flexibility to do it. My shoulders might be jacked from heavy clean and push presses with the barbell. Too much too soon. Half snatch: 20m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 160 reps.

12     Barbell clean and push press, full squat clean: 4 singles @ 135 lb. Half snatch, 32k: 2m @ 6 rpm = 12 reps. Jerk, 2x24k: 4m @ 5 rpm = 20 reps. Snatch, 16k: 6m @ 16 rpm, 1 hand switch = 48/48 reps.

10     181 lb. Barbell clean and push press: 6 singles @ 135 lb. Clean and jerk: 3 singles @ 135 lb. Easy/moderate work all day. Kettlebell training: half-snatch, 24k: 16m @ 8rpm (10 rpm for first 2m), hand switch OTM = 132 snatches. Press, 24k: 5/5. Long cycle, 24k: 2m @ 8rpm = 16 reps. Roman Chair: 2x10 situps and back raises. Pullups: 2x7. Dips: 2x12.

9       Typical Monday- poor training day. Always low energy on Mondays. Barbell clean and push press: 6 singles @ 135 lb. Clean and power jerk: 4 singles @ 135 lb. Full squat clean on all reps. Rested a few minutes, then long cycle clean and jerk, 28k: 4m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 24 reps. Rode the bike a few minutes, then called it a day. I am seeing improvement in my clean technique. Hands are sore, probably from new barbell work. Worked on floor and ceiling in the house.

7       182 lb. Double jerk, 2x16: 3m @ 8rpm = 24 reps. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 28k: 14m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 112 reps. Pullups: 2x7. Dips: 2x12.

5       Light construction work all day. Today’s training: barbell clean and push press: 6 singles @ 120 lb. Barbell clean and power jerk: 2 singles @ 120 lb. Full squat clean on all reps. Working on technique, particularly the second pull.  Kettlebell half snatch, 24k: 10m @ 10rpm, hand switch OTM = 100 reps. Legs started to feel it at this pace. Cardio, grip, shoulders held out fine. Rested 6m, then single clean and jerk, 12k: 10m @ 12 rpm, 1 hand switch = 60/60. Again, felt it more in legs than anywhere else.  Pullups: 2x7. Dips, Roman Chair situps, Roman Chair back extensions: 2x10.

3       Worked for several hours hanging wood siding on house. Did my daily barbell work: clean and push press: 6 singles @ 120. Clean and power jerk: 4 singles @ 120. Clean and strict press: 1 single @ 120. At this point, the plan is to continue adding 5 pounds a week, doing around 10 lifts each day.

2        Long Easter weekend, early day yesterday. Ate too much. Ready to get back to clean eating and good training. Barbell clean and push press: 6 singles @ 120 lb. Barbell clean and power jerk: 4 singles @ 120. Practiced conventional snatch, 12k: 8m @ 20 rpm, 1 hand switch = 80/80 reps. Light weight, and not too hard, but could not have gotten 5m/arm at this pace. Snatch mechanics felt good after lots of half-snatching. It may be worthwhile to include some regular snatch training with lighter weights to build endurance as I work on CMS in half snatch.  Worked on deck railing for several hours.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 2018 Training Log

28      180.5 lb. Great training day. Started with barbell work. Clean and push press, full squat clean. 1 rep with 135, but it felt heavy, so 6 more singles with 115. Two single clean and power jerks, 115. Took about a minute between reps. Kettlebell work: half snatch, 24k: 22m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 176 reps. Legs and lungs were going strong, but shoulders are not used to the barbell work, or the snatch volume, so I stopped. Finished with two circuits of pullup (6 reps), dips (10 reps), Roman chair back raises (10 reps), Roman chair situps (10 reps). Total 12 pullups, 20 each dips, back raises, situps. Full range of motion of Roman chair work. Total session took about 45 minutes. Finished feeling strong. Used BCAA’s before session. It seems to really help. At less than $.50 a scoop, this may become a staple in my routine.

27      180.5 lb. First day of good training in a while. Planned to train yesterday, but ran out of time. Had a little delayed soreness and fatigue after the big set of long cycle on the 21st, so did not push it. Today’s session:  Back squat: 4 singles @ 155lb. Military press from racks: 4 singles @ 95 lb. Deadlift: 4 singles @ 175 lb. Power clean and push press: 4 singles @ 135 lb. All but clean and press were very easy. I want to include a Steve Justa singles routine in my training to bring up strength levels, but I’m still not sure which lifts to use. After today, I’m thinking about either power clean/push press and back squats, or a combination power clean/front squat/push press. This second option would give me the push/pull/squat I need. A few singles everyday, increasing weight slow and steady, would fill some holes in my strength training.  I’ll play around and see how it goes. After barbell work today, half snatch, 24k: 20m @ 8rpm, hand switch every 1-2 minutes. 160 reps. Felt easy at this pace. Hardest on shoulders- legs and lungs could have gone much longer.

26      No real training. In the evening, two easy sets of pullups (8, 5) and dips (10, 8).

25      No training. One set of 8 pullups.

24      Busy all day. On my feet, but no training

22      177 lb. After yesterday’s training, no soreness or stiffness. Feel great, except for stuffy head, which I’ve had for weeks.

21      177 lb. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 6m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 48 reps. Did not use chalk or spray my shirt with water. It makes a big difference. Later, half-snatch, 28k: 4m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 32 reps. Spent about 20 minutes digging a hole for repair of the well pump. Later in the afternoon, single clean and jerk, 28k: 30m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 180 reps. This is the second time I’ve done 180 with the 28k, and this was much stronger than last year. Total time under the bells today: 40 minutes. Total reps long cycle: 228. 14,136 pounds lifted in long cycle. 1,984 pounds lifted in half snatch. Total tonnage: 16,120. I don’t always calculate tonnage, but it’s useful to set benchmarks occasionally.

20      180 lb.

19      180 lb. Single clean and jerk, 24k: 6m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. This pace is really hard on my legs. Half snatch, 24k: 2m @ 10 rpm = 20 reps.  Had to stop because of respiratory difficulty. Rode the bike a few minutes, but just could not breathe.

16       Long cycle clean and jerk, 12k: 10m @ 10 rpm, 1 hand switch = 50/50 reps. Later, played with 32k long cycle and half snatches for a few minutes, then half snatch, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 80 reps. Had long breaks between sets, working on house. 
15       177 lb. Worked on hardwood flooring for several hours. Throughout the day, did 5 sets of 10 pullups and 10 dips. 10 pullups is still difficult for me, but is much more manageable than before.

14        Today was a failure, from a training perspective. Started long cycle, 2x16k. Did just over 2m @ 8rpm, and had to put the bells down. Likewise with single clean and jerk with a 28k. My stomach where my elbows rest was raw and abraded from Monday’s PR session. I usually end my workouts with red places there, but they go away. These bruises are turning blue, and the surface of the skin is raw. Perhaps the shirt I wore was not soft enough for such use. Too painful to use proper technique, so I called it a day.
12       Pullups: 3.5, 3 with 16k added. Was trying for 4, 3. Perhaps too heavy. I may drop to 25 lbs. and see how that goes. Long cycle clean and jerk, 2x16k: 2x 2:30 @ 8rpm = 40 reps. 1:30 rest between sets. Rested until full recovery, then half snatch, 28k: 20m @ 6rpm (did 7 rpm the first 2m), hand switch OTM = 120 reps. This is probably a PR for me in this lift. I used another serving of BCAA’s, and had lots of energy. I could have lifted longer, but had localized fatigue in my shoulders, and did not want to push it. I feel like if it were a test or competition, I had 30m in me at this pace.  Rested a couple hours, then did an experiment with pushups: did 6 pushups a minute – 1 every 10s- resting on all fours between reps. 10m @ 6rpm = 60 single pushups. Focused on perfect form. Each rep was easy, of course, but I wanted an anterior chain exercise to balance out all the snatches. 
9         178 lb. In the morning: pullups, dips: 3,3,2 with 16k added. Clean and front squat, 2x16k: 3,3,2. In the afternoon: long cycle clean and jerk, 2x16k: 3 x 2m @ 8 rpm = 48 reps. Rested 5m, then clean and jerk, 28k: 14m @ 6 rpm = 84 reps. Rested 5m, then started a set of half-snatches. Got 2m @ 7rpm, but did not have steam to keep going.

8         178 lb. In the morning: pullups, dips: 3,2,2 with 16k added. Worked on well house for several hours of easy work.

7         179 lb. In the morning: pullups, dips: 3,2,1 with 16k added. Long cycle, 2x16k: 4 sets of 1:30 @ 8 rpm, 1m rest = 48 reps. Rested 10m because I needed to use my inhaler to stop wheezing. Long cycle, 28k: 12m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 72 reps. Rested 4m. Half-snatch, 28k: 10m @ 7 rpm, hand switch OTM = 70 reps. Used an amino acid supplement powder (a free sample from the vitamin store) before lifting. After I got my wheezing under control, felt great. Lots of energy, could have lifted longer. Might give this stuff a try.

4         180 lb. Long cycle, 2x16k: 6 sets of 1m @ 8rpm, 1m rest = 48 reps. Rested 5m, then long cycle, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. Rest 5m, then half-snatch, 28k: 10m @ 7 rpm, hand switch OTM = 70 reps. Worked about an hour building the roof of the wellhouse. Later, 10 pullups, 10 dips.

3          Long cycle, 2x16k: 5 sets of 1m @ 8rpm, 1m rest = 40 reps. Rested 1m, then long cycle, 28k, 10m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. Rested 5m, then half-snatch, 28k, 10m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. Rested about 20m until fully recovered, then 3 sets of 5 pullups, dips, and squats with 135 lb.         

1         177 lb. Long cycle, 2x16k: 4m @ 5rpm = 20 reps. Long cycle clean and jerk, 32k: 2m @ 5rpm = 10 reps. Stopped there because I started wheezing. This cold, wet air is really getting to me. Better to try again tomorrow than to trigger an asthma attack. Did 10 pullups.

Monday, February 5, 2018

February 2018 Training Log

27        177 lb. Long cycle, 2x16k: 5m @ 6rpm = 30 reps. Testing flexibility and technique of double long cycle, since I have not trained it in a while. Overhead rack with two bells was a little stiff. Everything else felt fine. I may include double long cycle a few times a week to keep it up. Rested 5m, then single clean and jerk, 32k: 10m @ 5rpm, hand switch OTM = 50 reps. Rested 5m, then half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. Rested 5m, then 3 easy circuits of 5 pullups, 5 dips, and 5 back squats with 135 lb. Basic strength and mobility training. I’m considering working my weight down to 165 to drop a weight class. I’m down 5 pounds this month without really working hard at it, just cleaning up my diet. We’ll see.

24        178 lb. Worked cutting tile all afternoon. Did 2x8 wide-grip pullups, and a set of 10 dips.

23        Light construction- built framework for well house. Easy day.

22        176 lb. Half-snatch, 28k. Warm up, then 20m @ 6rpm = 120 reps. Hand switch OTM. Lungs felt great. Shoulders started to fatigue before anything else. Probably could not have gone 30 minutes with shoulders, but cardio felt like I could go forever at this pace. I’m glad to see that I have not lost much endurance. Finished antibiotics today and feel great. Taking the day off from pullups. Cut a load of boards and started building the well house.

21        Pullups: 11, 10. Starting to take their toll on me. Low-level soreness in elbows, shoulders. I’ll experiment with ways to keep my max set number climbing without so much volume. Perhaps a max set and then weighted sets of five? I may just need to switch to pullups every other day- five days a week may be too much. Maybe something like 3x8-10, supersetted with dips.  No other training today. Installed hardwood flooring for four hours.

20        Pullups: 11,10,9,8,8. Dips: 1 set of 12. About five hours of manual labor, installing hardwood floor.
19        178 lb. Pullups: 11,10,9,8,7. Dips: 3x12. It’s easier to get downstairs to the dip stand three times than five. Dug and poured footing for the wellhouse in the morning. Layed block in the afternoon. Practiced a few pistol squats throughout the day. I’m getting back in the groove of pistols so I can do the fighter pullup program with them. I’ll start with 3,2,1 and work my way up. I was going to do dips, pullups, and deadlifts, but with everything I’ve got going on, I’m not deadlifting much these days. The portability of pistols makes them the leg exercise of choice. I might also add a heavy press, since I can keep a kettlebell close by and do the kind of rep scheme that has worked with pullups. Between pullups, dips, presses, and pistols, I should be able to maintain and build strength. When I can get back to serious cardio work and incorporate high rep kettlebell ballistics again, I can get back to my goals. Candidate for Master of Sport in the half-snatch half-marathon is a very real possibility- just over 8 rpm for 30 minutes with a 28k.  I’m keeping an eye on my elbow tendons with all these pullups. So far, so good. Last time I did high reps for an extended period of time I developed tendonosis, but this time I’m using an overhand grip and balancing the pullups with dips, and everything feels great.
16        Pullups: 10,10,9,8,7. Then an extra set of 10 in the late afternoon. 54 reps total. Dips: 2x15. Practiced a few pistol squats.

15        177.5 lb. Pullups: 10,9,8,8,7 = 42. Dips: 10,9,8,8,7 = 42. Painted exterior of the house for 6 hours.

14        Pullups: 10,9,8,7,7. Loaded and unloaded 800 pounds of Sakrete, lots of lumber.

13        Did not feel well. Skipped training. Still tight in the chest, using inhaler and Primatene.

12        Pullups: 10,9,8,7,6 = 40. First time doing double-digit pullups in several years. The fighter pullup program calls for completing last week, then taking a few days off and testing. Rather than testing an all-out max, I decided to just keep going. No sign of elbow trouble this time around.  Dips: 9,9,8,7,6 = 39. Still very asthmatic, tight chest, wheezing. Using inhaler. I hope I don’t return to training and find that my endurance has gone through the floor.

9          Pullups: 9,9,8,7,6 = 39. Dips: 9,9,8,7,6 = 39. Started second round of antibiotics. Feel strong, but can’t breathe. Wheezing, coughing, feels like the asthma I had as a kid.

8          178 lb. Pullups: 9,8,8,7,6 = 38. Dips: 9,8,8,7,6 = 38

7          178 lb. Pullups: 9,8,7,7,6= 37.  Dips: 9,8,7,7,6= 37.

6          Pullups: 9,8,7,6,6= 36. Dips: 9,8,7,6,6 = 36. Deadlifts: 5,3,2 @ 210.

5          Pullups: 9,8,7,6,5 = 35. Dips: 9,8,7,6,5 = 35. 9 pullups went up easier than the first set of 8 last week. Feeling strong, but get winded easily still. Deadlift: 5,3,2 @ 205.

4          179 lb.

3          No training, but worked on laying hardwood flooring. Tired easily, wheezing. Antibiotics don’t seem to be clearing this up. I feel physically strong, but no endurance. Thinking about deadlifts. Going to drop the weight from 255 to 205 and work back up. I want to keep it about 70% effort.

2          Pullups: 8,8,7,6,5 = 33. No dips. Pullups much easier than earlier in the week. Both sets of 8 went up smoothly, so I won’t repeat this week. I’ll start with 9 reps on Monday.

1          182 lb. Pullups/Dips: 8,7,7,6,5 = 32. Long Cycle, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. A few reps of half snatch, but started wheezing again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 2018 Training Log

31        Pullups/Dips: 8,7,6,6,5 = 32 reps

30        Pullups/Dips: 8,7,6,5,5 = 31 reps. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 255 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 20m @ 6 rpm = 120 reps. Felt better for the first time in a long time. Went for a long, slow set, and felt good throughout. I’m glad to not have lost much endurance. Eight pullups were hard, last rep was ugly. If it’s not easier by the end of the week, I may repeat this week’s workload. Dips were easy, but that’s intentional. Deadlifts at 255 are getting easier. This is not a heavy weight, but I’ve done no heavy grinds in a long time. Working out my groove, and staying tight. Looking forward to handling 300+ pounds in a few months of easy training.

29        Pullups/Dips: 8,7,6,5,4 = 30 reps. Went to the doctor with sinus infection, got antibiotics. Looking forward to serious training again.
27        Weight 180 lb. deadlifts: 3 singles @ 215. 2 singles @ 255. Dips: 7,7,6,5,4 = 29 to make up for yesterday. Pressed a 32k with each arm just to test. It goes up with a moderate effort. Cleaned the basement out- lots of walking around, but no really hard work.

26        Pullups: 7,7,6,5,4 = 29. No other work. Very congested. Hard to breathe.

25        Pullups/Dips: 7,6,6,5,4 = 28. No deadlifts. Worked on hardwood flooring for several hours. Still have a stiff neck.

24        Pullups/Dips: 7,6,5,5,4 = 27. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215. Tried to do half-snatch training with 28k, but have a kink in my neck which did not like the weight. Did 4m of snatches with a 16k, got 35/35.

23        Pullups/Dips: 7,6,5,4,4 = 26. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215.

22        Pullups, dips: 7,6,54,3 = 25. Deadlifts: 5 singles @ 215 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 12m @ 8rpm. Did 10 rpm last two minutes, for an even 100 reps in 12m. Unloaded and stacked 25 bales of hay.

20        Weight 182. No training last few days because of extreme cold, and not feeling well. I’m feeling better, so I’ll start back on Monday with 7 reps on the pullups, and 215 on the deadlift, repeating the training week I should have had this week. Have had time to reflect on a training plan and goals for the first part of the year. I’m going to continue dips, pullups, and deadlifts for overall strength development. I’ll follow the fighter pullup program until I can’t anymore, then probably settle in to three sets of 70-80% to keep strength and build mass. I’m also considering adding weight and dropping back to 5 reps, then working my way back up through the Fighter Pullup program. I’m still progressing with what I’m doing, so that can wait. The dips will match the pullups rep-for-rep, even though they are easier. They are primarily to balance the chins, as well as to build some muscle. For the deadlift, I’ll continue doing 5-7 singles on weekdays, increasing the weight by 5 or 10 pounds a week. As long as it does not affect my other training, I’ll keep progressing. This is the Steve Justa singles program, and has been proven to build up the deadlift over time. For kettlebell training, I’m setting a goal of CMS in the half-snatch. That will require 250 reps in 30 minutes with a 28k in my weight class. I’m going to follow the Bogatyr Endurance template of three sets of up to 10 minutes each on most training days, including the half-snatch, long cycle, and jerks or swings. Every so often, I’ll push for a longer set. When I can do three sets of 80 with less than 5m rest between them, I’ll go for CMS. Hopefully there will be a meet somewhere close this year, and I can compete. MS is 350 reps, though, and 12 rpm is still very fast for me. I’m planning to do kettlebell sets 3 days a week. As long as my endurance keeps up, I’ll let that be my cardio, along with manual labor. If I start to lag, I’ll add some easy cardio- jogging or hiking.

17        Pullups: 7. Shoveled snow for about 15 minutes. A few pushups. Not feeling well at all.

16        Pullups: 7,6, = 13. Feeling very congested, coughing.

15        Weight: 182. Pullups: 7,6,5,4,3 = 25. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215. Half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 7rpm, hand switch on the minute. Very cold in the gym. Training started me coughing and wheezing, so I cut it short. May be coming down with something.

12        Pullups, Dips: 6,6,5,4,3 = 24. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205.

11-       Pullups, Dips: 6,5,5,4,3 = 23.

10-       Pullups, Dips: 6,5,4,4,3 = 22. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 205. Half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 7rpm = 70 reps. Rest 5m, then long cycle clean and jerk, 28k: 10m @ 7rpm = 70 reps. Rest 5m, then jerk, 28k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Total 220 reps with the 28k. All hand switches on the minute. Felt strong throughout. Recovered quickly after training. A little warmer than in the last few days.

9-         Pullups, Dips: 6,5,4,3,3 = 21. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205.

8-         Pullups, Dips: 6,5,4,3,2 = 20. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm = 60 reps. 5m rest. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm = 60 reps. About 32 degrees in the gym.

5-         Pullups, Dips: 5,5,4,3,2 = 19. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205 lb. About 26 degrees in the gym.

4-         Pullups, Dips: 5,4,4,3,2 = 18. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 150 lb. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 20m @ 5rpm = 100 reps. Hand switch on the minute. Later in the evening, pushup ladders with Isaac and Dorian. 42 reps total.

3-         Pullups, Dips:5,4,3,3,2 = 17. Deadlift: 7 singles at 145 lb. Some light construction work.

2-         Pullups, Dips: 5,4,3,2,2 = 16. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 140 lb., focus on regaining tension and groove. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 10 minutes @ 6rpm, hand switch on the minute.

1-         Pullups, Dips: 5,4,3,2,1 = 15. Deadlift: 5,3,2 @ 135. Starting back deadlifting this year, starting with low weight.