Wednesday, August 14, 2019

July 2019 Training Log

31        193 lb. Bench press: 2x5 @ 145 lb. Swings, 20k: 5 reps every 30s for 10m = 100 reps. Nice and easy. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. Windmill: 5 reps each arm @ 20k. I’m getting into my groove with the deadlift, so it feels easier than ever. Today was the halfway session in the cycle I’m doing. After 4-5 more weeks of pulling 245 most days, I’ll be ready to test. Kettlebell swings nice and easy.

30        193 lb. Tried to do ½ snatch, but left elbow still a little sore. Straight arm training only. Kettlebell swing, 24k: 250 in 20m. Did sets on the :00 and :30. Sets of 10 first 5m, then sets of 5. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb.  I have not done this many swings in a while, so I was sore afterward.

26        191.5 lb. Today was a heavy day on the Daily Dose deadlift program: 90%. Did 2 rack pulls with 315 lb. to prime my CNS for heavier weight, then loaded the bar to 290 in the rack. Pulled it, then walked it out. Did the first rep as a “top down” deadlift: lowered it to generate tension, then pulled it. Four more singles from the ground. Felt heavy, but not close to limit. Afterward, 20 minutes of easy kettlebell lifting with a 16k: alternating hands doing snatch, press, clean, jerk, swing to switch (1 cycle) did 4 cycles per minute for 20 minutes. 40 reps per arm of each lift, and worked up a good sweat. Then an hour of weed-eating and some light manual labor.

24        ½ snatch: 253 reps in 30m. First 4m: 8rpm @ 24k. Switched to 22k for remainder of set. Minutes 5-28: 8 rpm. 15, 17 reps last two minutes. 24k feels a little heavy, but 22k feels just right. I’ll keep accumulating reps with 22k, and supplement with 24k. Rested a few minutes, then did 2 rack pulls with 405 lb.

23        191.5 lb. Bench Press: 2x5 @ 140 lb. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. 1 rack pull and full negative @ 365 lb.  1 more deadlift @ 225 to put it back on the rack to clean up the platform. Throughout the day: 100 pushups, 15 pullups. 60 bodyweight squats.

22        Bench Press: 2x5 @ 140. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245. Long cycle clean and jerk, 22k: 20m @ 7 rpm = 140 reps. Rested a while, then rack pulls from mid-thigh (4-5 inch pull): 2 reps @ 315 lb. 2 reps @ 405 lb. 1 reps @ 455. Deloaded bar to 315, pulled it, walked it out, and lowered it slowly to the platform.

20        A few pullups throughout the day.

19        Bench press: 2x5 @ 135. Deadlift: 5x1 @ 245 lb. Throughout the day: 100 pushups, 15 pullups.

18        Bench Press: 2x5 @ 135. Deadlift warm up: 1x5 Romanian deadlift @ 135. Deadlift work sets: 5 singles @ 245 lb. ½ snatch, 24k: 30m. Minutes 1-4: 6 rpm. Minutes 5-14: 8 rpm. Minutes 15-30: 6 rpm. Total 200 reps. Throughout the day: 50 pushups, 15 pullups, 20 hindu squats.

17        Bench press: 2x5 @ 135. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245.

16        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. Long cycle clean and jerk, 20k: 30m. 8rpm first 4m, then 6rpm last 26m. 188 reps. Very hot today, so just an easy set to get the reps in.

17        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 275 lb. Unloaded and stacked a trailer load of firewood. In the afternoon, did two hours of light construction.

13        ½ snatch, 22k: 30m. 8rpm first 28m, 16 rpm last 2m = 256 reps. This would be CMS with a 28k kettlebell. I’ve got the technique, the pace, and the time, now I need to ease up the weight. Rested 20m, then deadlift: 3 singles @ 245 lb. Rested a few minutes, then push press, 16k: 6m @ 20rpm = 120 reps.

12        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. Jerk, 22k: 5m @ 12 rpm = 60 reps. Hand switch every :30. Swing, 24k: 10 swings on the :30 for 5m = 100 swings. Pullups: 16 easy singles. Dips: 6 easy reps.

11        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. Kettlebell clean, 20k: 6m @ 20rpm = 120 reps. Hand switch every :30. Dips: 2x5. Chinups: 2x5.

10        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. ½ snatch, 22k: 30m @ 8rpm = 240 reps. Hand switch OTM. Heart rate at end of set over 180 bpm.

9          Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. Kettlebell clean and press: 5 singles per arm with 28k. Need to make time for another long set soon. Crazy busy week.

8          Quick session: kettlebell clean and press, 18k: 10m @ 10rpm = 100 reps. Hand switch every 5 reps. 3,960 pounds cleaned and pressed in 10m.

6          Deadlift: 5 singles @ 260 lb. Kettlebell clean and press: 2x10/arm with 18k.

4          Clean and jerk, 24k: 12m @ 6 rpm = 96 reps.

3          189 lb.  ½ snatch, 22k: 12m @ 8 rpm = 96 reps. Rested until full recovery, then jerk, 18k: 4m @ 20 rpm = 80 reps. I was hoping for 6m, but my quads could not take it.

2          Quick session today. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb. Push press, 18k: 6m @ 20 rpm = 120 reps. Almost could not finish this set. The cardio was difficult, but manageable. The real challenge was shoulder and triceps endurance. It got hard to lock out and hold the bell stable by the end of the set.

1          Long cycle clean and jerk, 22k: 24m @ 7 rpm (8rpm first 2m) = 170 reps. About 75% of the number I need for CMS next year with the 32k. Rested a few minutes, then a set of clean and press, 18k: 6m @ 10rpm = 60 reps. I’m sprinkling in pentathlon sets as finishers, trying to work at the maximum pace with the next bell size from the last (and only) time I tested the event.

June 2019 Training Log

28        ½ snatch, 22k: 20m @ 8 rpm = 160 reps. Rested 5m, then long cycle clean and press, 18k: 6m @ 10 rpm. I think I’ll start using pentathlon lifts as finishers for most workouts. If I do 20-30 minutes of ½ marathon lifts, then finish with a pentathlon lift, I can train for both events.  Later, 5 deadlift singles @ 245 lb.

27        Long cycle clean and jerk, 22k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Later, 5 single deadlifts @ 245 lb.

26        First training session since the 13th. Long cycle clean and jerk, 20k: 18m @ 7 rpm = 126 reps. Quit while still feeling good. Ended with 2x5 pullups, 2x10 dips.

25        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb.

24        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 245 lb.

13        Tried kettlebell pentathlon today. Did max reps in each lift with a 16k kettlebell: 120 cleans, 60 clean and presses, 120 jerks, 108 ½ snatches, and 120 push presses. Got a score of 1,056. This event is a cruel, sick joke. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’ll be doing more of this.

8          Deadlift: 5x1 @ 225 lb. Bent press: 5x1 per arm @ 22k. Feeling beat up from deadlifts, dips, chins. Last week I tested my deadlift and 300 went up pretty easily. I estimate my “sort of” max at 320. Daily deadlifting 240 is close to 80%. 225 is 70%, so I deloaded to 225. This weight feels good. I don’t know my max in the dip and chin, but I think I’m getting too heavy in these as well, even adding only 2.5 pounds a week. I also think my volume is too high. I think I’ll try 5 singles a day next week and see how I feel. The following week I’m at encampment, so no lifting. Later in the morning, ½ snatch, 22k: 30m @ 8rpm = 240 reps.

7          Deadlift: 15x1 @ 240. Dip: 15x1 @ 35. Chin: 15x1 @ 20.

6          Deadlift: 11x1 @ 240. Dip: 11x1 @ 35. Chin: 11x1 @ 20.

5          Clean and Jerk, 22k: 30m @ 6rpm = 180 reps. Deadlift: 9x1 @ 240. Dip: 9x1 @ 35. Chin 9x1 @ 20.

4          Deadlift: 7x1 @ 240. Dip: 7x1 @ 35. Chin 7x1 @ 20.

3          Deadlift: 5x1 @ 240. Dip: 5x1 @ 35. Chin 5x1 @ 20. ½ snatch, 22k: 250 reps in 30m 8rpm first 20m, then 9 rpm last 10m.

2          Deadlift: 3x1 @ 240. Dip: 3x1 @ 35. Chin 3x1 @ 20.

May 2019 Training Log

24        187.5 lb. Deadlift: 13x1 @ 230. Dip: 13x1 @ 30. Chin 13x1 @ 15.

23        188.5 lb. Deadlift: 11x1 @ 230. Dip: 11x1 @ 30. Chin 11x1 @ 15. Half-snatch, 22k. Warm up: 2m @A 10rpm. Work set: 30m @ 8rpm = 240 reps.  

22        188.5 lb. Deadlift: 9x1 @ 230. Dip: 9x1 @ 30. Chin 9x1 @ 15. Jerk, 22k: 10m @ 10rpm = 100 reps. Jerk, 32k: 2m @ 12 rpm = 24 reps.

21        189 lb. Deadlift: 7x1 @ 230. Dip: 7x1 @ 30. Chin 7x1 @ 15. Everything felt so easy today. I was tempted to throw more weight on the bar.  No rush though, going to stay the course and let my training momentum grow.

20        Deadlift: 5x1 @ 230. Dip: 5x1 @ 30. Chin 5x1 @ 15. Good day for ½ snatch. 30m with a 20k. 8rpm for 26m. 12rpm next three minutes, then got 16 in last minute. 260 reps total. Felt good all through set. Sprint at the finish was hard, but main body of set was fine.

19        Deadlift: 3x1 @ 230. Dip: 3x1 @ 30. Chin 5x1 @ 15.

18        Deadlift: 15x1 @ 225. Dip: 15x1 @ 27.5. Chin 15x1 @ 12.5.

17        Deadlift: 13x1 @ 225. Dip: 13x1 @ 27.5. Chin 13x1 @ 12.5.

16        Deadlift: 11x1 @ 225. Dip: 11x1 @ 27.5. Chin 11x1 @ 12.5.

15        Deadlift: 9x1 @ 225. Dip: 9x1 @ 27.5. Chin 9x1 @ 12.5. Jerk, 28k: 10m @ 8 rpm = 80 reps. Rest 4m, then ½ snatch, 28k: 4m @ 8rpm = 32 reps.

14        Deadlift: 7x1 @ 225. Dip: 7x1 @ 27.5. Chin 7x1 @ 12.5. A little dumbbell prehab: 1 set of 12 of curl, lateral raise, French press with 12 lb. dumbbells. Slow and easy.

13        Deadlift: 5x1 @ 225. Dip: 5x1 @ 27.5. Chin 5x1 @ 12.5. ½ snatch, 20k: 20m @ 10rpm = 200 reps.  After training, shoveled dirt for 2 ½ hours, making repairs to driveway.

12        Deadlift: 15x1 @ 220. Dip: 15x1 @ 25. Chin: 15x1 @ 10. Mounted rings on pullup bar so I can do neutral grip/rotating pullups. Hopefully much better on the elbows for the long term.

11        No training

10        Deadlift: 13x1 @ 220. Dip: 13x1 @ 25. Chin 13x1 @ 10. Half-snatch, 18k: 30m @ 10rpm = 300 reps.

9          Deadlift: 11x1 @ 220. Dip: 11x1 @ 25. Chin 11x1 @ 10.

8          Deadlift: Deadlift: 9x1 @ 220. Dip: 9x1 @ 25. Chin 9x1 @ 10

7          188 lb. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 220 lb. Dips: 7 singles with 12k + 2.5 lb.

6          Deadlift: 5 singles @ 220 lb. Dips: 5 singles with 12k + 2.5 lb. Bad training day. Did some sets of single clean and jerk, ½ snatch. Used various bell weights from 18k to 28k. Most sets were 2m. Just did not feel good. At bedtime, 25 pushups.

5          Deadlift: 3 singles @ 220 lb. Dips: 3 singles with 12k + 2.5 lb.

4          Deadlift: 15 singles @ 215 lb. Dips: 15 singles with 12k. ½ snatch, 18k: 30m @ 10 rpm = 300 reps. Good sesson.

3          Deadlift: 13 singles @ 215 lb. Dips: 13 singles with 12k.

2          Deadlift: 11 singles @ 215 lb. Dips: 11 singles with 12k.
1          Deadlift: 9 singles @ 215 lb. Dips: 9 singles with 12k

April 2019 Training Log

30        185.5 lb. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 215 lb. Dips: 7 singles with 12k. ½ snatch, 18k. Warm up: 2m @ 10rpm. Work set: 20m @ 10rpm. 220 reps total.

29        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215 lb. Dips: 5 singles with 12k.

28        Deadlift: 3 singles @ 215 lb.

27        188 lb. Deadlift: 15 singles @ 210 lb. ½ snatch, 18k: 30m @ 10 rpm – 300 reps.

26        Deadlift: 13 singles @ 210 lb.

25        Deadlift: 11 singles @ 210 lb.

24        Deadlift: 9 singles @ 210 lb.

23        Deadlift: 7 singles @ 210 lb.

22        Deadlift: 5 singles @ 210 lb.

21        187 lb. Deadlift: 3 singles @ 210 lb. Half snatch, 16k: 40m @ 10rpm = 400 reps. This is the most snatches I’ve ever done. Really felt the benefits of high-rep snatches: core activation, efficient technique, cardio. Sweating profusely. HR at end of set: 168 bpm.

20        187 lb. Deadlift: 15 singles @ 205 lb. A few ab wheel rollouts. Light manual labor.

19        187 lb. Deadlift: 13 singles @ 205 lb. Ab wheel rollouts: 2x5. Chin ups: 2x5. Bent press, 24k: 5 per arm.

18        Deadlift: 11 singles @ 205 lb. ½ snatch, 18k: 20m @ 10rpm = 200 reps.

17        Deadlift: 9 singles @ 205 lb.

9-16     Traveled to San Francisco. Did 50-100 pushups most days.

8          187 lb. ½ snatch, 16k: 30m @ 10rpm = 300 reps. Everything felt easy. Nothing was close to giving out, but broke a heavy sweat and had a good cardio session. Lower back felt fine.

7          5 sets of 20 pushups close to bedtime.

6          Helped a friend move, then came home and trained. ½ snatch, 16k: 30m @ 10 rpm = 300 reps. HR at end of set: 145 bpm. In the evening, 5 sets of 20 pushups. Deadlift: 2 singles @ 205 lb. Felt good.

4          186.5 lb. Early morning pushups. 5 reps on the :30 for 10m = 100 easy reps. I’m thinking of basing my training on moderate-high volume pushups and snatches for a while. These movements complement each other, training the body in flexion and extension. Push, pull, and cardio. Meanwhile, I’ll continue working on restoring some flexibility, mobility, and strengthening some weak links.

3          186 lb. Early morning bodyweight training. 100 pushups, 100 prisoner squats. 5 reps on the :30, alternating between pushups and squats for 20m. Later, practiced bent press and ½ snatch with the 16k. Bent press: 4 sets of 2 per arm, focusing on mobility and a deep stretch. ½ snatch: 20m @ 8rpm = 160 reps. Focused on easy, gentle snatches and steady breathing. Lots of easy reps today.

2          185.5 lb. Easy bodyweight training, fasted in the early morning. 15 minutes of training. First 5m: 5 pushups on the :30. Second 5m: 5 prisoner squats on the :30. Third 5m: 5 pushups on the :30. Total of 100 pushups and 50 squats. Tried some 16k snatches. 1m on, 1m off @ 20 rpm for 16m = 80/80.  Felt fine. Chiropractor appointment this afternoon. He said he had seldom seen someone so improved in a week.

1          186 lb. 100 pushups in 10m. First 6m, did 10 reps OTM, then switched to 5 reps on the :30. 24 chin ups in 8m. 3 reps OTM.  Played with a few snatches and windmills with 16k. Lower back feeling much better.

March 2019 Training Log

27        186 lb.

26        Went to chiropractor after being jacked up since March 23. Missed those two deadlifts and back tweaked, then it went out Saturday night. Extreme pain and misalignment Sunday through Tuesday. Visually noticeable pelvic misalignment. I think my right gluteus media is weaker than my left, and under the load of the deadlift, allowed my pelvis to drop out of alignment. I’m having to reconsider deadlifting, as well as reducing the weight of my snatches. I’ll think it over for a few days while I rehab, focusing on pullups, dips, and pushups, as well as stretching and mobility.

22        186.75 lb. Deadlift: singles at 135, 205, 255, 275, 300. Missed 315 twice. So for now, my max is 300. I expect this to increase as I spend more time on power cleans and front squats. After a few minutes, 5 pushups every 30 seconds for 10 minutes = 100. Using pushups to balance snatches. Then took a 30 minute hike in the woods.

21        186.75 lb. Clean, squat, and jerk, 145 lb. Power clean, front squat, power jerk. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Then A+A training: ½ snatch, 28k: 5 reps OTM for 40m = 100/100 reps.

19        186.25 lb. Easy basic strength training. Dips: 3x10. Chin-ups: 5x3. Deadlift: singles @ 205, 255, 275, 300 lb. 300 is all I have right now. It went up easier than it has in a long time.  My last attempt at 300 was a failure. 315 or 325 might have been no problem today. Definitely getting stronger! I’ll stay the course, doing barbell clean and jerks and high volume kettlebell lifts several days a week. Maybe I’ll grab a few more plates for my barbell.

18        Barbell clean and jerk, 145 lb. Power clean, front squat, power jerk. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Then 30m of A+A ½ snatch intervals. 5 reps OTM for 30m, 28k = 75/75 reps. Worked on elevating the kettlebell straight upward with minimal effort. Practiced incorporating a strong shoulder shrug and ankle flexion in the pull. Made each rep so much easier. From now on this will be my snatching style.

14        185.25 lb.  Barbell clean and jerk, 140 lb. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Experimented with split clean, but did not like it, so switched back to squat clean. A+A training, 32k: clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing OTM for 20m. Total of 30m training. 10 reps each barbell clean and jerk, kettlebell clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing per hand. Not a high volume day, but a good session. 100 total lifts with the 32k.

13        No training. Some pullups throughout the day.

12        187 lb. No kettlebell training today. Did some moving. Barbell clean and jerk, 140 lb. Squat clean, power jerk. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Dips: 3x10. 3-5 sets of 3-5 pullups.

11        Did some lighter sets today. Clean and jerk, 28k: 10 @ 7rpm, hand switch OTM = 70 reps. Rested 12m until full recovery. ½ snatch, 20k: 10m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 100 reps. Like most Mondays, not a lot of energy. Could have done quit a few more snatches, especially if I did them first. Long cycle felt fast, but not too heavy. I can tell that my A+A training with the 32k has gotten me stronger. The cardio benefits are not bad, but I’ll definitely more running or longer sets to be ready for a competitive 30m set.

7          186 lb. Good session today. Barbell clean and jerk, 135 lb. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Squat clean, power jerk. Immediately followed by A+A kettlebell training with 32k. Did 4m of clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing. Then switched to 3 clean and jerks OTM for 30m = 90 reps. The 32k kettlebell has never felt lighter. Feeling strong.

6          185.25 lb. Sore from yesterday’s session. No training, but frequent stretching throughout the day.

5          187 lb. Good training session today. 60 minutes total. Barbell clean and jerk, 135 lb. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Full squat clean, power jerk. 50 minutes of A+A training: clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing. 32k. 250 total reps with a 32k: 25 per arm of clean & jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing. Heart rate average estimate: 135. Probably 1,000 calories burned.

2          186.5 lb.

February 2019 Training Log

28        187 lb. Some light construction, then training. Warmed up with easy power snatch practice with an empty bar.  Then clean and jerk: 115 lb. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Squat clean, power jerk. Then 30m of A+A training: clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing with 32k OTM. 40m of training.

27        No serious training today. Low energy, stopped up head. 10 barbell clean and jerks with 115 lb.  Power cleans, power jerks. 5 rack jerks, 115. Practiced power snatch technique: 5 reps with 45 lb. bar.

26        187 lb. Early morning training. Basement 53 degrees. Warm up, then barbell clean and jerk, 115 lb. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Full squat clean, power jerk. Then A+A training, 22m. Complex of clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing OTM. 32k. 55 lifts per arm with 32k. Reduced the time of A+A training because I added weight to the barbell, and have reduced my calories. Ended the workout feeling great. Later, did a few sets of 5-7 pullups.

25        187.25 lb. No real training, just 2x5 pullups.

24        187.25 lb.

23        187.5 lb. Great training session today. Lots of energy. Started with barbell clean and jerk. Full squat clean, power jerk. 100 lb. 1 rep OTM for 10m. Very easy, focused on technique and moving the bar fast. Immediately moved to A+A kettlebell work: 60 minutes with a 32k. OTM: clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press, swing. 30/30 reps of each. 70 minutes of work total. Kept heart rate in the mid 140’s, but felt great. Never felt short of breath, reps never slowed down. Moved 21,000 lb. of kettlebell, 150 lifts per arm. All the cardio benefits of a long easy run, plus the strength and power benefits of weightlifting. Recovered quickly afterward. About 1,000 calories burned.

21        Easy training again. Barbell clean and press, 100 lb. 1 rep OTM for 15m = 15 reps. Full squat clean. Immediately followed by 16m of A+A kettlebell training. 5 snatches OTM, 28k. 31 minutes, heart rate in the mid 130’s.

20        Easy training today. Barbell clean and press, 100 lb. 1 rep OTM for 15m = 15 reps. Full squat clean. Pull, squat, and push in one lift. Every rep was easy, technique and flexibility improving.

19        187 lb. 40 minutes of OTM training. First 10m: clean, front squat, military press with 95 lb. barbell. Some reps were a power clean followed by a front squat, others full squat cleans. Just practicing before adding weight over time. Next 30m: clean, jerk, snatch, push press with 32k. Then a few hours of light manual labor. Feet very sore from yesterday’s run. No injury, just soreness in the soles.

18        187 lb. Early morning training. Front squat, 95 lb.: 5,3,2. Military press, 95 lb.: 5,3,2. Front squat felt light, just working the pattern and flexibility. ½ snatch, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Pullups: 5,3,2. Hang power clean, 95 lb.: 5,3,2. All reps felt moderate/easy. Rested about an hour, then went to the track with family. Ran/walked 2 miles in 22:30, then walked another .7 mile at an easy pace. Overall, an easy day, but very productive.

15        186.5 lb. Good training session today. Started with 2x5 squats with 115 lb., because I don’t get enough lower body stimulation from my kettlebell work. Then A+A training, 32k: clean, jerk, snatch, push press on the minute for 30. Minutes 18-28, used 34k. Then 20 pullups in sets of 3, 2, and 1. Finished with 1x10 dips. Totals: 15 per arm of 32k clean, jerk, snatch, push press. 5 per arm of 34k clean, jerk, snatch, push press. 20 pullups, 10 dips, 10 squats.

11        188 lb. Long weekend at Civil Air Patrol wing conference. Lots of meals out and poor sleep in hotel rooms for two nights. Felt good for training, though. A+A training, 32k: clean, jerk, ½ or full snatch, push press on the minute for 60m. First 16m, also did an easy single pullup or chinup during rest periods. Did ½ snatch first 30m, the switched to full snatch. HR averaged in mid-130’s for 60m. About 800 calories burned.  Total reps per arm: 30 clean, 30 jerk, 15 ½ snatch, 15 snatch, 30 push press, 16 pullups. 120 lifts per arm with 32k. Had enough wind the whole time, and never reach local fatigue in any area. Afterward, 4 sets of 45 incline pushups on 4th stair.

8          No time for a long session today, so I decided to test ½ snatch with 28k. I wanted to see how a 10m set felt with hand switch OTM. I have not done a single set over 15s in a long time. Did the full 10m @ 8rpm. HR at end of set: 174. Returned to normal breathing in less than 3m. After 10m, felt completely recovered and ready for physical activity. I’ve intentionally kept my HR under 145 in training for months, but kept it at that rate for 30m + most sessions. This set was mildly difficult, but it may be a PR for 28k ½ snatch. I could not have gone for 30m, but I could have gone for maybe 14-16m. Takeaway: it seems like A+A training is working. I was strong enough to handle 80+ reps with the 28k because I’m using the 32k. I had more endurance than I expected because of the aerobic affect of the training sessions. I was not prepared to go longer at that HR, so I’ll definitely want to run a peaking cycle before trying for CMS. Meanwhile, what I’m doing is working to my satisfaction, so I plan to keep it up, and push the sessions out to 40-60m with the 32k, and also incorporate some work with heavier bells. I’ve added 4.5 lb. to a 32k, to make it 34k. I’ll include it in some of my sessions. I also need to include some easy running. In the final analysis, I’m very happy with this set. I’m not ready for a half-marathon set yet, but I can see how this is building a better base than before. Meanwhile, I enjoy the training and feel stronger.

7          No real training. 4 sets of 40 pushups on 4th stair.

6          186 lb. A+A training, 32k: clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press on the minute for 36m. 18 reps of each per arm. 72 lifts per arm with 32k. When I started this kind of training, 30 minutes of lifting was difficult. Now it is moderate. Definitely getting easier. Pushups on 4th step: 4 sets of 40.

5          Several hours of light construction. 3 sets of pushups: 40 reps on 4th stair.

4          A+A training, 32k: clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press on the minute for 30m. 15 reps of each per arm, heart rate fluctuated between low 140’s and low 120’s. Rested a few minutes, then some leg and lower back stretches. 1 set of 75 incline pushups on the fourth stair.

2          187 lb. 66m of training. Started with 5m of long cycle, 2x12k @ 6rpm. Then immediately, 60m of A+A training. Clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press OTM. 30m with 32k, then 30m with 28k. Total reps: 30 double clean and jerks with 2x12k. 15/15 clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press with 32k, same with 28k. HR averaged high 130’s for 66 minutes. About 900 calories burned. Throughout the day, a few single and double pullups.

January 2019 Training Log

29        Long cycle clean and jerk, 2x12k: 5m @ 6rpm = 30 reps. Minutes 6-36: combo with 32k OTM: clean, jerk, half-snatch, push press. Total of 15 reps per arm of clean, jerk, ½ snatch, push press. 36 minutes of training with a heart rate in the mid 130’s.

26        A+A session, 30m. First 14: 2 clean and jerk with 32k, then a single pullup and dip. Last 16m: clean, jerk, half-snatch, push press with 32k. Minutes 31-35: long cycle clean and jerk, 2x12k @ 8 rpm = 40 reps. Totals: 14 pullups, 14 dips, 30/30 single clean and jerks, 16/16 half snatch and push press, 32k. 40 double clean and jerks, 2x12k.

23        185.5 lb. Changed up the training today. Started with a 3m set of long cycle with 24k. 8 rpm, 12/12 reps. Rested a few minutes, then long cycle, 18k: 10m @ 8 rpm = 80 reps. Rested 4m, then half snatch, 18k: 10m @ 8 rpm = 80 reps. Did not check heart rate, but felt good. Perhaps just under aerobic threshold. Was not breathing hard, could have gone much longer. Recovered very quickly. Shoulders a little tender from lots of heavy training lately, so stopped at 10 each set. Cardio was no challenge.

21        186 lb. A+A training. Clean and jerk, 40k: 2 reps OTM for 30m = 30/30 reps. Kept the clock going, and switched to 49k, 1 rep OTM plus 1 pullup. for 6m = 3/3. Still feels very heavy, but 40k is manageable. Minutes 37-45, did 1 pullup OTM, and 10 pushups every second minute. Total of 45m training: 30/30 clean and jerk with 40k, 3/3 clean and jerk with 49k, 13 pullups, 50 pushups. Pulse fluctuated from about 110 to low 140’s.

17        187 lb. A+A training with Dorian. Simple session. 1 clean, 2 jerks OTM with 40k for 30m = 15/15 cleans, 30/30 jerks. Then did 1 rep each with 49k. Ended with a few pullups and dips.

14        187 lb. Good A+A session. On the minute for 60 minutes: 1 clean, 2 jerks with a 40k kettlebell. First 15 minutes, did a pullup as well, but this kept my heart rate higher than I wanted it to be, so dropped them. Finished with 5x5 dips. Total of 30/30 cleans, 60/60 jerks, 15 pullups, and 25 dips. Heart rate fluctuated from about 120 to 140. Good aerobic session, as well as building strength and power. A nice mental break from long marathon sets.

12        187.5 lb. A+A session, trying to keep HR under 140. 44 minutes total. Switched around during set. Minutes 1-10: 2 clean and jerks OTM with 32k. Minutes 11-20: 2 clean and jerks with 28k. Minutes 20-44: clean and 2 jerks, 40k. Total of 10/10 clean and jerks with 32k and 28k, 11/11 cleans, 22/22 jerks with 40k.

4          187 lb. Worked on house for hours.  Was going to do a great training session today, but a hammer fell off a 10ft ladder and hit my shoulder. Hurts. Not much lifting. LCCJ, 32k: 3 reps OTM for 12m = 18/18 reps.
1          188 lb. A+A training, modified. Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes: 2 reps long cycle with 32k, 1 pullup, 1 dip. Total of 30/30 clean and jerks, 30 pullups, 30 dips. Pullups and dips were easy, but that was intentional. Just got a new dip stand, wider than I usually use. It fits inside my squat rack, so I can transition from pullups to dips standing in the same place. Dips and pullups were like active rest after clean and jerks. Heart rate after reps got into the high 160’s, usually in the 130’s by the top of the minute. Average probably 150, which is higher than my MAF number of 139. However, I felt good the whole time, and could have gone much longer. Recovered immediately after training session. I really like this kind of training. It feels too easy, but I know I’m getting strength and power along with the cardio I need. I can get my 30+ minutes of cardio and my kettlebell and bodyweight training at the same time. I don’t think it will get me to my goal of MS in half marathon, but it will probably build the physical qualities I need and prepare me to peak.  I plan to include some aerobic long cycle sessions as well. I’ll find a weight and pace I can maintain for 30 minutes without letting my heart rate go over 140.