Monday, February 5, 2018

February 2018 Training Log

19        178 lb. Pullups: 11,10,9,8,7. Dips: 3x12. It’s easier to get downstairs to the dip stand three times than five. Dug and poured footing for the wellhouse in the morning. Layed block in the afternoon. Practiced a few pistol squats throughout the day. I’m getting back in the groove of pistols so I can do the fighter pullup program with them. I’ll start with 3,2,1 and work my way up. I was going to do dips, pullups, and deadlifts, but with everything I’ve got going on, I’m not deadlifting much these days. The portability of pistols makes them the leg exercise of choice. I might also add a heavy press, since I can keep a kettlebell close by and do the kind of rep scheme that has worked with pullups. Between pullups, dips, presses, and pistols, I should be able to maintain and build strength. When I can get back to serious cardio work and incorporate high rep kettlebell ballistics again, I can get back to my goals. Candidate for Master of Sport in the half-snatch half-marathon is a very real possibility- just over 8 rpm for 30 minutes with a 28k.  I’m keeping an eye on my elbow tendons with all these pullups. So far, so good. Last time I did high reps for an extended period of time I developed tendonosis, but this time I’m using an overhand grip and balancing the pullups with dips, and everything feels great.
16        Pullups: 10,10,9,8,7. Then an extra set of 10 in the late afternoon. 54 reps total. Dips: 2x15. Practiced a few pistol squats.

15        177.5 lb. Pullups: 10,9,8,8,7 = 42. Dips: 10,9,8,8,7 = 42. Painted exterior of the house for 6 hours.

14        Pullups: 10,9,8,7,7. Loaded and unloaded 800 pounds of Sakrete, lots of lumber.

13        Did not feel well. Skipped training. Still tight in the chest, using inhaler and Primatene.

12        Pullups: 10,9,8,7,6 = 40. First time doing double-digit pullups in several years. The fighter pullup program calls for completing last week, then taking a few days off and testing. Rather than testing an all-out max, I decided to just keep going. No sign of elbow trouble this time around.  Dips: 9,9,8,7,6 = 39. Still very asthmatic, tight chest, wheezing. Using inhaler. I hope I don’t return to training and find that my endurance has gone through the floor.

9          Pullups: 9,9,8,7,6 = 39. Dips: 9,9,8,7,6 = 39. Started second round of antibiotics. Feel strong, but can’t breathe. Wheezing, coughing, feels like the asthma I had as a kid.

8          178 lb. Pullups: 9,8,8,7,6 = 38. Dips: 9,8,8,7,6 = 38

7          178 lb. Pullups: 9,8,7,7,6= 37.  Dips: 9,8,7,7,6= 37.

6          Pullups: 9,8,7,6,6= 36. Dips: 9,8,7,6,6 = 36. Deadlifts: 5,3,2 @ 210.

5          Pullups: 9,8,7,6,5 = 35. Dips: 9,8,7,6,5 = 35. 9 pullups went up easier than the first set of 8 last week. Feeling strong, but get winded easily still. Deadlift: 5,3,2 @ 205.

4          179 lb.

3          No training, but worked on laying hardwood flooring. Tired easily, wheezing. Antibiotics don’t seem to be clearing this up. I feel physically strong, but no endurance. Thinking about deadlifts. Going to drop the weight from 255 to 205 and work back up. I want to keep it about 70% effort.

2          Pullups: 8,8,7,6,5 = 33. No dips. Pullups much easier than earlier in the week. Both sets of 8 went up smoothly, so I won’t repeat this week. I’ll start with 9 reps on Monday.

1          182 lb. Pullups/Dips: 8,7,7,6,5 = 32. Long Cycle, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. A few reps of half snatch, but started wheezing again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 2018 Training Log

31        Pullups/Dips: 8,7,6,6,5 = 32 reps

30        Pullups/Dips: 8,7,6,5,5 = 31 reps. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 255 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 20m @ 6 rpm = 120 reps. Felt better for the first time in a long time. Went for a long, slow set, and felt good throughout. I’m glad to not have lost much endurance. Eight pullups were hard, last rep was ugly. If it’s not easier by the end of the week, I may repeat this week’s workload. Dips were easy, but that’s intentional. Deadlifts at 255 are getting easier. This is not a heavy weight, but I’ve done no heavy grinds in a long time. Working out my groove, and staying tight. Looking forward to handling 300+ pounds in a few months of easy training.

29        Pullups/Dips: 8,7,6,5,4 = 30 reps. Went to the doctor with sinus infection, got antibiotics. Looking forward to serious training again.
27        Weight 180 lb. deadlifts: 3 singles @ 215. 2 singles @ 255. Dips: 7,7,6,5,4 = 29 to make up for yesterday. Pressed a 32k with each arm just to test. It goes up with a moderate effort. Cleaned the basement out- lots of walking around, but no really hard work.

26        Pullups: 7,7,6,5,4 = 29. No other work. Very congested. Hard to breathe.

25        Pullups/Dips: 7,6,6,5,4 = 28. No deadlifts. Worked on hardwood flooring for several hours. Still have a stiff neck.

24        Pullups/Dips: 7,6,5,5,4 = 27. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215. Tried to do half-snatch training with 28k, but have a kink in my neck which did not like the weight. Did 4m of snatches with a 16k, got 35/35.

23        Pullups/Dips: 7,6,5,4,4 = 26. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215.

22        Pullups, dips: 7,6,54,3 = 25. Deadlifts: 5 singles @ 215 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 12m @ 8rpm. Did 10 rpm last two minutes, for an even 100 reps in 12m. Unloaded and stacked 25 bales of hay.

20        Weight 182. No training last few days because of extreme cold, and not feeling well. I’m feeling better, so I’ll start back on Monday with 7 reps on the pullups, and 215 on the deadlift, repeating the training week I should have had this week. Have had time to reflect on a training plan and goals for the first part of the year. I’m going to continue dips, pullups, and deadlifts for overall strength development. I’ll follow the fighter pullup program until I can’t anymore, then probably settle in to three sets of 70-80% to keep strength and build mass. I’m also considering adding weight and dropping back to 5 reps, then working my way back up through the Fighter Pullup program. I’m still progressing with what I’m doing, so that can wait. The dips will match the pullups rep-for-rep, even though they are easier. They are primarily to balance the chins, as well as to build some muscle. For the deadlift, I’ll continue doing 5-7 singles on weekdays, increasing the weight by 5 or 10 pounds a week. As long as it does not affect my other training, I’ll keep progressing. This is the Steve Justa singles program, and has been proven to build up the deadlift over time. For kettlebell training, I’m setting a goal of CMS in the half-snatch. That will require 250 reps in 30 minutes with a 28k in my weight class. I’m going to follow the Bogatyr Endurance template of three sets of up to 10 minutes each on most training days, including the half-snatch, long cycle, and jerks or swings. Every so often, I’ll push for a longer set. When I can do three sets of 80 with less than 5m rest between them, I’ll go for CMS. Hopefully there will be a meet somewhere close this year, and I can compete. MS is 350 reps, though, and 12 rpm is still very fast for me. I’m planning to do kettlebell sets 3 days a week. As long as my endurance keeps up, I’ll let that be my cardio, along with manual labor. If I start to lag, I’ll add some easy cardio- jogging or hiking.

17        Pullups: 7. Shoveled snow for about 15 minutes. A few pushups. Not feeling well at all.

16        Pullups: 7,6, = 13. Feeling very congested, coughing.

15        Weight: 182. Pullups: 7,6,5,4,3 = 25. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 215. Half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 7rpm, hand switch on the minute. Very cold in the gym. Training started me coughing and wheezing, so I cut it short. May be coming down with something.

12        Pullups, Dips: 6,6,5,4,3 = 24. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205.

11-       Pullups, Dips: 6,5,5,4,3 = 23.

10-       Pullups, Dips: 6,5,4,4,3 = 22. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 205. Half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 7rpm = 70 reps. Rest 5m, then long cycle clean and jerk, 28k: 10m @ 7rpm = 70 reps. Rest 5m, then jerk, 28k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Total 220 reps with the 28k. All hand switches on the minute. Felt strong throughout. Recovered quickly after training. A little warmer than in the last few days.

9-         Pullups, Dips: 6,5,4,3,3 = 21. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205.

8-         Pullups, Dips: 6,5,4,3,2 = 20. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm = 60 reps. 5m rest. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm = 60 reps. About 32 degrees in the gym.

5-         Pullups, Dips: 5,5,4,3,2 = 19. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 205 lb. About 26 degrees in the gym.

4-         Pullups, Dips: 5,4,4,3,2 = 18. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 150 lb. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 20m @ 5rpm = 100 reps. Hand switch on the minute. Later in the evening, pushup ladders with Isaac and Dorian. 42 reps total.

3-         Pullups, Dips:5,4,3,3,2 = 17. Deadlift: 7 singles at 145 lb. Some light construction work.

2-         Pullups, Dips: 5,4,3,2,2 = 16. Deadlift: 7 singles @ 140 lb., focus on regaining tension and groove. Single clean and jerk, 28k: 10 minutes @ 6rpm, hand switch on the minute.

1-         Pullups, Dips: 5,4,3,2,1 = 15. Deadlift: 5,3,2 @ 135. Starting back deadlifting this year, starting with low weight.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 2017 Training Log

Dec. 7- Kettlebell marathon training around mid-day. 10 minutes each of long cycle, half snatch, and jerk with 28k kettlebell. 6 rpm, hand switch on the minute, 5 min rest between sets. In the evening, 15 minutes (5 miles) on the Airdyne at the gym, then 50, 25 Hindu squats, 25 Hindu pushups, and some easy neck bridging. 8 minutes in the sauna, then 12 minutes in the hot tub.

Dec. 10- Single clean and jerk, 28k: 12m @ 6rpm = 72 reps. Hand switch on the minute. Hindu squats: 60. Hindu pushups: 25. 3 short back bridges.

Dec. 12- Pullups: 6, 4, then 1 rep every :30 for 20 reps (10m). 30 reps total. Dips: 10, 8.

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 2017 Training Log

Nov 16- Worked on hardwood floors for several hours. Took a break to train. Did die kette with the stoplight set: 16k, 24k, 32k. Snatch, press, clean, jerk.  Did a pullup after each 32k set. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Got through it 13 times. Total of 39 reps per arm of snatch, press (push press for 32k), clean, jerk. 15 pullups. 30 minutes of good cardio. The more I do Goerner's workout, the more I like it. Lots of volume, variety, work capacity.

November 14- Worked on flooring for 10 hours straight. Very painful for knees and lower back.

November 10- Worked on wood ceilings for several hours. Took a break and did a 10 minute set of of die kette with a single 32k bell. Snatch, press, clean, jerk. Got through it 10 times per arm.

Nov. 8- did light work in house for 3 hours. Training: did die kette with 8 kettlebells, a la Herman Goerner. Used 12k, 16k, 18k, 20k, 22k, 24k, 26k, 32k. Snatch, press, clean, jerk.  Left hand, then right, worked from 12k to 32k, then a pullup, then started over. Each cycle took about 6 minutes. Went through it all 5 times in 29 minutes. 80 reps each of snatch, press, clean, and jerk.

Nov. 6- Single clean and jerk, 32k: 6m @ 6rpm = 36 reps. Rest 4m. Half snatch, 32k: 6m @ 6rpm = 36 reps. Rest 4m. Jerk, 32k: 6m @ 6rpm = 36 reps. Switched hands on the minute. Pullups: 15 reps in sets of 2 and 3. Pushups: 20 reps using Cooper cadence. 6 hours installing tongue and groove ceiling.

Nov. 3- Single clean and jerk, changing hands every rep, 32k: 10m @ 5rpm. 50 cleans, 50 jerks, 50 swings. Worked on house for several hours.

Nov. 1- Half snatch, 32k. 2 sets of 5. Then 30 reps, changing hands every rep. 30 swings, 40 half snatches. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Half marathon training: 420 jerks with 22k

I've decided to train toward earning Master of Sport in half marathon at a kettlebell meet in January. At my bodyweight, I need 400 reps with 28k. This is a test at 7rpm with 22k. Got 30 minutes. 420 reps.

Monday, August 21, 2017

August 2017 Training Log

I've been training faithfully, but without internet access at home, have not been keeping up with my log here.

Aug 23- Worked on the deck for about 45 minutes, easy work. Just laying boards. Trained after. Single clean and jerk. Warm up: 2m @ 8rpm with 28k. Work set: 10m @ 8rpm with 24k = 80 reps. Squats, 135 lb.: 2x5. Superset dips and chins. 10 sets of 2 chins, 4 dips = 20 chins, 40 dips. Then unloaded and carried 30 bales of hay.

Aug 22- Worked for 8 hours building a deck overhead. Very hot outside, very heavy work. Kept working at a moderate pace.

Aug 21- 184 lb. Single clean and jerk, 18k: 30m @ 10rpm = 300 reps. Then 5 squats with 135 lb., 2x10 dips, and 5x2 pullups. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 Training Log

July 20- woke up with crick in my neck. Warmed up with long cycle, 2x16k: 1m @ 6rpm. 2x20k: 1m @ 6 rpm. Did not loosen up. 15 minutes on the cross-cycle for cardio. Ended with long cycle, 2x16k: 1m @ 10rpm.

July 5- Deadlift: 4 singles @ 215. Bench Press: 4 singles @ 135. Long cycle clean and jerk, 2x20k. Warm up: 1m @ 8rpm. 1m @ 6rpm, 2x20k. Work set: 2x20k: 7m @ 6rpm = 42 reps. Rest 1m, then 15m on the cross-cycle. Total of 23m cardio. Worked on house for four hours.

July 3- Deadlift: 4 singles @ 225. Bench press, 4 singles @ 135. Started long cycle, but not feeling it at all today.  Low energy after long work day yesterday.