Friday, December 7, 2018

December 2018 Training Log

14  188 lb. 30m of A+A training. On the minute: 5 snatches right, 5 snatches left, 1 power clean and power jerk with a 115 lb. barbell. All snatches with 24k kettlebell. Total of 50/50 snatches, 10 clean and jerks. Left side of mid back does not feel right afterward. In retrospect, I should have skipped the clean and jerks and just done 50 more snatches.

10  Some easy swings and long cycle to warm up. A+A training for 20m. Alternated between 2-hand swings and pushups. First 10m did 5 swings with 40k, 5 pushups. Second 10m did 10 2-hand swings with 32k, 5 pushups. Total of 50 pushups, 25 swings with 40k, 50 swings with 32k.

9- 189 lb. 1 hour of A+A. 24k snatch: 5 right, 5 left, 5 pushups. Repeated cycle 20 times for 100+100 snatches, 100 pushups.

7- 189 lb. 1 hour of A+A style training. For the first 30 minutes, did 5 snatches right, then 5 snatches left (24k), then 5 dips at the top of each minute. Repeated this 3-minute circuit 30 times, completing all work within 15s. For the second 30 minutes, did 8 2-handed swings with a 32k at the top of one minute, followed by 2 wide-grip pullups the next minute. Repeated this 2-minute circuit 15 times. In total, completed 50/50 snatches (24k), 120 swings (32k), 50 dips, and 30 pullups. Average heart rate in low 140's for an hour. Online monitor says about 840 calories burned.

4-  1 hour of A+A style training. Repeated a 3-minute circuit 20 times: 10 swings right, 10 swings left (24k), 10 pushups. All work completed in under 15s. Total of 400 swings, 200 pushups. HR averaged low 140's for an hour. About 840 calories burned. Too many pushups. My shoulders complained and kept me from training the next two days.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

November 2018 Training Log

7     189 lb. Slept well, feeling better. Early morning training. VWC snatch, 18k, 6 rep cadence, :15/:15. 26 minutes = 312 snatches. Heart rate at end of set: 184. According to an online calculator, I burned 537 calories. 20 calories a minute. I don’t think I’m going to find a better way to improve my conditioning, drop some fat, and build snatch volume.  I may spend the winter doing a cycle of VWC and basic powerlifting to build a base of conditioning, strength, and snatch resilience. Then I can be ready for a specific cycle of half-marathon training toward MS or CMS.

6     189 lb. been sick for a week, and eating everything in sight. Woke up at 3:30 this morning, and could not get back to sleep. Tried to do half-marathon and VWC work, but very little energy. Did a few sets of half-snatches: 2 minutes with 24k, 26k, 28k @ 8rpm. Long cycle, 2x12k: 3m @ 8rpm. VWC snatch, 16k: 3m, 7 reps in :15.   Heavy partial training with the powerlifts. Deadlift: 3x5 @ 300 lb., bar set at 26 inches. Bench press: 3x5 @ 205, bar set at 38 inches. Squat: 3x5 @ 300 lb., bar set at 53.5 inches. All lifts felt moderate- about 80% effort. My half-rack is rated for 300 lb., but when I put the bar on at 300lb., I hung on it, and it did not complain. About 500 lb.

2     186.75 lb. Viking Warrior Conditioning snatch, 16k. 25m (50 sets), :15/:15 protocol. 6 reps per cycle. 300 reps. Ending heart rate: +- 160 bpm.  426 calories. 17 calories a minute.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October 2018 Training Log

30     Half-snatch, 22k: 250 reps in 30m. 9rpm for 10m, then 8rpm for 20m. Everything held up fine at this pace, but shoulders were starting to fatigue. I’m starting a cycle of some heavy partial lifts. Deadlifts off 6 2x12 boards (about 9.5 inches), just below knees: 5 singles with 300, a few singles with 275. 275 seems like a good starting weight. These should be moderately heavy, but not a hard effort. Bench press from pins: 2x5 @ 205 lb. About the top 4-5 inches of the press. Partial squat: 2x5 @ 275lb. A little higher than a quarter squat. Over time I’ll increase the range of motion while keeping the weight constant. I plan to include these a few times a week to have a pure strength element to complement the kettlebells for power endurance and bodyweight work for mobility and strength endurance.

29     Half-snatch, 22k: 10m @ 9rpm = 90 reps. Felt good, but did not have time to do more. Pushups on fourth step: 1 set of 125 reps. Paced pushups with breathing, nice and easy at this incline.

27      Swing, 24k: 10 reps every :30 for 10m = 200.

24    186.5 lb. Early morning training. Pullups: 50 reps total in multiple sets. Started with 5, then sets of 1-3 reps. Dips: 50 reps total. 12 reps, then sets of 5.  Some manual labor throughout the morning. Pushups on the stairs, performed as a drop set. 15 reps on the floor, then on each of four stairs, with <10s rest. 75 reps total. Half-snatch, 22k: 4m @ 9rpm = 36 reps.  Was interrupted for 4m, then resumed training. 20m @ 9rpm = 180 reps. 216 reps total.

22     Half-snatch, 24k: 12m @ 8rpm = 96 reps. Pushups with hands elevated on 4th step: 2x50. Partial pistol squats onto bench: 10 reps per leg.

19    187 lb. Half-snatch, 22k: 10m @ 8rpm. Jerk, 22k: 2m @ 12 rpm. Pullups: 1 set to failure- 6 slow reps. Dips: 1 set to failure: 12 slow reps. Worked on trim for several hours.

18    Several hours of putting up interior trim. 
17    188 lb. Half-snatch, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm. Easy set, just getting reps in. Pullups: 2 sets to failure: 10, 5. Box pistol squats to bench: 2x5 l,r. Pushups: 1 set of 20, then dips: 1 set to failure: 10 reps.

15    Started with some basic labor with a shovel, moving gravel on the road. Training: half-snatch, 22k: 30m @ 8rpm = 240 reps. This seems to be the sweet spot bell for me right now. Heart rate at end of set: +- 166 bpm. Everything felt great. Finished with about 30 minutes of lumber and trash cleanup.

13    188 lb. Finished course of prednisone yesterday. Feel ravenous and swollen. A little more kettlebell training today. Half-snatch, 20k: 20m @ 8 rpm = 160 reps. Everything felt great, did not break a sweat even in 20m of lifting. Shoulders were starting to fatigue when I quit, but I could have gotten 30 minutes, no problem. After tweaking my back and getting a respiratory infection, I was afraid I would lose a lot of progress, but so far, so good.

12    First day back to kettlebell training in two weeks. Took it easy and did 10m of half-snatch, 18k @ 8rpm. Nice and easy, just going through the motions. Lower back felt a little stiff from injury and lack of use for a few weeks. Could not get the elbow to the iliac crest without difficulty. Actual snatch movement was no problem. Also did 4 sets of 5 pullups and 10 dips, as well as a few hours of light construction.

11     Some easy pullups, dips, and pistol squats, just to keep moving.

9      187.75 .lb. Big meal with family last night. Got to get it under control. Still coughing and wheezing. No breath for cardio.

8      Dips and pullups. Did 3 pullups per minute, one every :20, alternating wide, pronated, supinated grips. 17m @ 3 rpm = 51 reps. Dips: 3 sets of 12, 1 set of 14 for 50 reps total. Practiced a few pistol squats per leg to see how they feel. Felt fine.

6      45 pullups in multiple sets of varying reps. 5x10 dips. Went to urgent care and got antibiotics and prednisone. Very bad upper respiratory infection. No breath for cardio.

5      186.5 lb. 24% bodyfat. 44.75 lb. of fat, 141.75 lb. lean mass. Time to get some fat off. If I drop to 165 without gaining muscle, that would put me at 14% bodyfat, which is where a man my age starts to get lean.

4      50 pullups, varying grips and reps. Dips: 5x10.

3      Went to chiropractor and got adjusted. Sore rest of the day, no training.

2      Just dips and chins today. Total of 40 chins, 40 dips.

1       Started training with deadlift, 235 lb. First rep went up fine. Second rep, felt something tweak in lower back. Quit, stretched, but very painful and stiff all day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 2018 Training Log

30      Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb.

29      Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb. Long cycle, 28k: 10m @ 6rpm = 60 reps. Rest 5m, then half-snatch, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm = 60 reps. Rested until fully recovered, then 25 pullups and 25 dips, in multiple sets of varying reps.

26     186 lb. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb. Long cycle, 22k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Rest 5m, then half-snatch, 22k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Rest 5m, then push press, 22k: 10m @ 8 rpm = 80 reps. All hand switches OTM. Total 240 reps with 22k = 11,616 pounds lifted and supported for 30m. Used a lighter weight and comfortable pace so I could get all three 10m sets in. Finished with wide-grip pullups: 2x5. Skipped the dips because of the push presses, and the squats because of so much ballistic lifting. Did a few hours of manual labor on the house.

25     186.5 lb. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb.

24     187 lb. Time to seriously cut back on carbs and calories. Great training today.  Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb. Long cycle, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 80 reps. Rest 5m, then half-snatch, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps.  Rest 5m, then jerk, 24k: 2m @ 8 rpm = 16. Rested a few minutes, then squat: 20 reps with 145. Pullover, 25 lb: 10 reps. Pullups: 25 reps total in sets of 2-3. Stood under bar until finished, varied grips. Dips: 5x5 = 25.

23    Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb.

19     186.5 lb. Half-snatch, 24k: 12m @ 8rpm = 96 reps. Squats, 135 lb.: 1x20. Wide-grip pullups, 30 reps. Dips: 60 reps. Alternated between 2 pullups and 4 dips, only resting a few seconds between sets.

17     185.75 lb. I expected to be heavier, since I’ve been really undisciplined in my eating this weekend.

14      Isaac graduated from Coast Guard Basic Training today. Because of the approaching hurricane, I could not go. I could not ask our farm sitter to risk being stranded on our farm for days with no power, which is a real possibility. I watched the graduation ceremony on a live stream. Then I came home and trained and worked on the house.

Kettlebell training: half-snatch, 20k: 12m @ 12rpm = 144 reps. This is a very fast pace for me, so 12m was pretty good. Did not approach failure- just a work set. Rested a few minutes, then squats: 1 set of 25 with 135 lb. Took almost 4m to finish. Wide-grip pullups: 25 reps in as few sets as possible. Dips: 25 reps in as few sets as possible. About three hours manual labor, building railing for rear deck stairs.

Slipped and took a hard fall carrying a table saw. Feel pretty banged up in the evening.

13     184.5 lb. Long cycle, 28k: 10m @ 7 rpm = 70 reps. Rested 5m, then half-snatch, 28k: 10m @ 6 rpm = 60 reps. Rested a few minutes, then wide-grip pullups: 7, 5, 5 reps. Dips: 12, 10, 8 reps. About :30 rest between sets. Squats: 2x10 @ 140 lb.

11     183.5 lb.

10     184.5 lb. Half-snatch, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Nice easy set today, just to get moving. Several hours of installing trim. Throughout the day, 3 sets of 8 wide-grip pullups, 15 dips. I can tell a big difference in my pullup and dip strength since I did the Easy Strength protocol for a while. I used to have to struggle to get 5 wide grip pullups, now 8 is a rep or two short of failure. In the past I’ve done more dips, but only by swinging my legs rhythmically. These were slow, strict reps. Finished with squats: 20 reps with 135. This was not a terribly difficult effort, and I felt it most in my shoulders/traps where the bar sits. Just wanted to try on higher reps for the same movements.

8      184.5 lb.  Half-snatch, 28k: 2m @ 8rpm = 16. 20m @ 6rpm = 120. The weight felt heavy because I have not used it much lately, but the pace was manageable. I could have pushed myself and completed 30m at this pace, for 180 reps. Everything felt strong. Finished 4 sets of 5 pullups and dips.

7       184.5 lb. Did not feel like a serious day of training. Long cycle, 28k: 4m @ 8rpm = 32. Long cycle, 24k: 2m @ 8rpm = 16. Half-snatch, 22k: 2m @ 10rpm = 20. Half-snatch, 32k: 2m @ 6rpm = 12. This was a good tonic session. Felt better afterward than before. I may hit the barbell this evening.

Evening training- did not feel like heavy barbell/bodyweight work. Template called for 6 singles, each increasing in weight. Instead, tried out double long cycle. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done doubles. 10m with 2x12k @ 6rpm. The pace felt fine. My legs and heart held out, no problem, and grip was barely fatigued. Shoulders really felt it, though. I have done singles with on-the-minute hand switches for so long, I’m not accustomed to 10 minutes straight. Finished with 1m @ 6rpm with 2x16k. A nice break from the training I’ve been doing. I’ve done 26 sessions of the Even Easier Strength program, and I’m seeing real gains in strength, but a little variety will do me good.

6        183.75lb. Rest day on template. A few hours of light construction, plus some shooting.

5        184.5 lb.  Half-snatch, 22k: 30m @ 9 rpm = 270 reps.  Strength training a few hours later. Pullup: 2x5 @ 25 lb. Squat: 2x5 @ 205. Dip: 2x5 @ 22k (48.4 lb.).

4        Rest day from lifting. Decided to do 20m of crawling as active recovery and cardio. A lot harder than I expected. Laid out a course about 60-70 feet. Did 5m of baby crawling back and forth, then did baby crawling, leopard crawling, and spiderman crawling. Crawled to the end, walked back, and started over. I can really see the benefit of this for core strength, cardio, leg strength.

3        184.75 lb. Pullups: 2x5 @ 25 lb. Half-snatch, 22k: 20m @ 10rpm = 200 reps. Squat: 2x5 @ 200 lb. Dips: 2x5 @ 45 lb.

2        186 lb. Squat: 2x5 @ 195 lb. Pullup: 2x5 @ 25 lb. Dip: 2x5 @ 45 lb. Half snatch, 28k: 2m @ 8rpm. 10m of groundwork.

1       Squat: 5,3,2 @ 185, 215, 225 lb. Pullups: 5,3,2 @ 10, 20, 35 lb. 35 was really too heavy. Dips: 5,3,2 @ 45, 55, 70 lb. Finished with 6m of practicing various groundwork moves: naked getups, pushups, rolling, crawling.

Monday, August 27, 2018

August 2018 Training Log

30     185.5 lb.  Pullups: 2x5 @ 15 lb. Squats: 2x5 @ 185 lb.- felt nice and easy. Dips: 2x5 @ 48 lb. Half-snatch, 24k: 10m @ 8rpm = 80 reps. Several hours of installing trim in house.

28     185 lb. Squats: 5,3,2 @ 185, 205, 215 lb. Pullup: 5,3,2 @ 15, 25, 30 lb. Dips: 5,3,2 @ 45, 55, 65 lb. Half-snatch, 22k: 20m @ 10 rpm = 200 reps. Two sets of wide-grip pullups to failure. Several hours of manual labor in 90+ degree heat. This “Even Easier Strength” program is working great. I hit a double today with the weight I managed for a single in the pullup three days ago, and a double with more weight than my dip single on the 25th. My squats are feeling stronger also. My half-snatch technique is getting strong and efficient, and My conditioning is improving. I think there is visible hypertrophy in my chest, lats, shoulders, arms, and upper back. Still need to drop some body fat.

27    187 lb. I think it’s just fluid retention. I had Japanese food for lunch yesterday, then a funeral meal at church in the evening. Felt salty and swollen all night.

26    Even Easier Strength template called for 1x10 today, easy tonic sets. Squat: 1x10 @ 135lb. Dips: 1x10. Pullups: a total of 10 in easy sets of 2 and 3, since 10 would be too close to my max.

25    184.5 lb.  Great training day. Hit PR’s for this cycle in everything. Today’s template was 6 singles. Pullups: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lb. Squat: 175, 185, 205, 215, 225, 230 lb. Dips: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 lb. I’ve squatted more than this, but that was about 6 years ago during a powerlifting cycle. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 22k: 24m @ 10rpm, hand switch OTM = 240 reps. My previous best with this weight is 200 reps in 20m, so this is a 20% improvement. Heart rate was about 180-185 at end of set, but I recovered quickly. Total kettlebell work: 11,616 pounds snatched. When hand switches are included, that’s 24 swings, so the total is 12,777 lbs. supported and moved. Finished with 2 sets each of dips and chins to failure. Did not count reps, just went slow until technical failure.

24    Pullup: 2x5 @ 15 lb. Squat: 2x5 @ 175 lb. Dip: 2x5 @ 35 lb. Started half snatch, but it did not happen today. 28k: 2m @ 8 rpm.

22    185.25 lb. Chins: 2x5 @ 12.5 lb. Squat: 2x5 @ 175 lb. Did not do dips.

21    186.5 lb. Chinese take-out last night, so probably just salty. Pullups: 2x5 @ 12.5 lb. Squats: 2x5 @ 175 lb. Dips: 2x5 @ 35 lb. Half-snatch, 20k: 20m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 200 reps. Rested a few minutes, then dips and chins: 3 sets each to momentary muscular failure. Since the low-rep strength work and high rep ballistic lifting don’t really lend themselves to hypertrophy, I decided to add a few sets of dips and chins to failure, emphasizing the negative, so I can maybe put a little muscle on. My theory is that the high rep snatching creates the right hormonal environment for hypertrophy, with the right kind of stimulus.

20    185 lb. Pullups: 5,3,2 @ 11.25, 15, and 25 lb. Squats: 5,3,2 @ 165, 185, 205 lb. Dips: 27.5, 37.5, 47.5 lb. Long cycle clean and jerk, 20k: 20m @ 8rpm, hand switch OTM = 160 reps. This pace felt easy. Could have gone longer, but just did a hard 30m set of half-snatches on Saturday, so I held back today. 20 minutes should be long enough to cause adaptation, while minimizing wear and tear. Next time I do long cycle, I may try for 9 rpm at this weight.

19     Pullups: 2x5 @ 10 lb. Squats: 2x5 @ 165. Dips: 2x5 @ 35 lb.

18     183.5 lb.  Pullups: 2x5 @ 10 lb. Dips: 2x5@ 35 lb. Squat: 2x5@ 165 lb. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 20k: 30m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 300 reps. This is a PR for me with this weight. I’ve done 270 with 24k.  HR at end of set: 186 (31 beats in 10 seconds, multiplied by 6). So much for a maximum HR of 179.

16     182.75 lb. Left trapezius very tight and sore.  Still got Easy Strength training in. Pullups felt strong for the first time in a long time. 5 reps @ 10, 3 reps @ 15, 2 reps @ 20 lb. Squat: 5 @ 145, 3 @ 165, 2 @ 185 lb. Dips: 5 @ 25, 3 @ 35, 2 @ 45 lb.

15     183.25 lb. Pullups: 2x5 @ 7.5 lb. Squats: 2x5 @ 145 lb. Dips: 2x5 @ 27.5 lb. Rested a few minutes, then kettlebell work. Warm up: long cycle, 18k: 2m @ 10 rpm. Work sets: long cycle, 18k: 4m @ 10 rpm. This pace is too fast for good technique right now, so stopped short. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 18k: 20m @ 10rpm, hand switch OTM = 200 reps. HR at end of set: +- 156 bpm. The half-snatch feels good these days, and this weight and pace are just about perfect right now. I’ll make these 20-30m sets my bread and butter for a little while, and include some faster and heavier sets, as well as a few lighter sets to deload. If I can progress through the 18k, 20k, 22k, and 24k bells at this pace, I’ll build a good base to push for CMS. After today’s workout, about an hour of physical labor. Very hot today.

14     183.25 lb. Ate moderately yesterday, with lots of protein and water. Today was a tonic day on the program: 1 set of 10 in each lift. Did 10 pullups, assisted with my foot on a stool. 10 squats @ 95 pounds, nice and easy. Forgot to do 10 dips.

13     186 lb. Weight going the wrong direction. I’ve been loose in my eating habits, so it’s time to get it under control. This may also be why my pullups feel so heavy. I’ve gained 3.5 pounds since I started this cycle. I can see by my body comp that it’s not muscle. Training today on the Easy Strength program was 6x1. Pullup: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15lb. Squat: 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160lb. Dips: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 lb. Easing the weight up slowly, staying away from max effort. Just getting reps in, like the program calls for. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 18k: 20m @ 12 rpm, hand switch OTM = 240 reps. HR at end of set: 174 bpm. I’ve ended my last two sets of 10rpm half-snatch at 162 bpm. This pace is 20% faster, and produces a HR that’s 7% faster. I held this HR without distress. Kept breathing, recovered immediately, no loss of vision or muscle control. This tells me that my actual max HR is a lot higher than the Maffetone model of 179.

12       Did a quick workout after evening church service. Pullup: 2x5 @ 7.5. Squat: 2x5 @ 140. Dips: 2x5 @ 27.5.

10     185 lb. Need to cut back on eating. I think the extra work has made me hungier, and instead of losing fat, I’m eating too much. Pullups: 2x5 @ 7.5 lb. Squat: 2x5 @ 140 lb. Dip: 2x5 @ 25 lb. Rested a few minutes, then half-snatch, 18k: 30m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 300 reps. Felt good throughout the set. Pulse 162 at end of set. My max HR is supposed to be 179, but I don’t think so. This would have been 90% of my max HR, and there is no way.  Felt much lower.

9      Pullup: 2x5 @ 7.5 lb. Felt heavy, hard to get the last rep. Squat: 2x5 @ 135 lb. Felt good. Dip: 2x5 @ 25 lb. Felt strong. Rested a few minutes, then kettlebell half-snatch, 12k: 20m @ 10rpm = 200 reps. Focused on making each rep as easy as possible. Could have gone much longer. Conditioning, legs, grip, and shoulders all felt great.  Finished with some easy “pumping” exercises: see-saw press, 2x12k: 2x12. Hammer curl, 12k: 2x12. French press, 12k: 2x12. Light construction for a few hours.

8     Pullup: 5 @ 7.5 lb., 3 @ 10 lb., 2 @ 12.5 lb. Squat: 5 @ 115 lb., 3 @ 135 lb., 2 @ 155 lb. Dip: 5 @ 20 lb., 3 @ 25 lb., 2 @ 30 lb. Nothing else today.

7      182.5 lb. Feel good today, but woke up with some allergy symptoms- sneezing, runny nose. Used fizzy tablets and cough drops to get through training. Pullup: 2x5 @ 7.5 lb. Squat: 2x5 @ 115 lb. Dip: 2x5 @ 20 lb. Good kettlebell session today. Half-snatch, 16k: 30m @ 10 rpm, hand switch OTM = 300 reps. Everything felt good. Started to feel a little burn in shoulders the last few minutes, but grip, back, legs, and conditioning held out fine. Rested a few minutes, then did some GPP work. 10 reps on the ab wheel. Dumbbell curls, 8 lb: 1 set to failure- 25 reps. Pushups: 1 set to failure: 25 reps. Finishing with a little pump to help with hypertrophy and recovery.

This cycle, I plan to focus on high reps with lighter weights, but will add a few heavy sessions (28k, 32k) occasionally. I’ll be working the weights up in the squat, dip, and chin, so I should add some strength. If I can push up my ballistic numbers and time as well, then I can come at CMS rank from both ends: strength and endurance. Next cycle I can peak and try for rank.

6      First day back to training. Have had a lot of stiffness and soreness in lower back. Started a new cycle today. I’m using the Ironmind program of strength training with weighted dips, chins, and squats. I’m plugging them into Dan John’s “Even Easier Strength” template, along with kettlebell marathon training. I’ll do the strength program as written, and add kettlebell sets about three days a week. Today’s training- squat, 2x5 @ 95 lb. Pullup: 2x5. First set, used 10 lb, but this was too heavy and left little room for progression. The program is supposed to start light, so I dropped it to 5 lb. for the second set. Dips: 2x5 @ 5 lb. Felt ridiculously easy. Rested a few minutes, then tried long cycle with 24k. Could not comfortably get into rack position due to lingering low back stiffness. Did 12k half snatch instead: 20m @ 10rpm, hand switch OTM = 200 reps. Focused on technique, breathing. Conditioning felt like I could have gone all day, but did not want to overdo elbows or shoulders.

Over the next 40 sessions, I plan to ease up my numbers in squats, dips, and chins, as well as to build some training momentum in half-snatch and long cycle. I don’t know if I can get CMS at the end of this cycle (250 reps in either lift with 28k), but I expect to get stronger overall, and better conditioned. Maybe after this cycle I’ll peak for a CMS test.

1      182.5 lb.  Early morning training. Got down to the gym about 6 am.  Bent press, 24k: 1 rep OTM for 22m = 11/11 reps. Slow and easy, focusing on technique and flexibility. Afterward, felt strain and tightness in lower back, left side.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July 2018 Training Log

31     No decent training in a few days. Lots to do today, so trained early. Fasted except for two cups of coffee with sugar. Warmed up with a few 24k clean and jerks and half-snatches per arm. Work sets: long cycle, 24k: 10m @ 8 rpm = 80 reps. Did 2m per arm for the first hand switch, then switched at 1m thereafter. Rested 5m, then half-snatch, 24k: 10m @ 80 = 80 reps. Hand switch OTM. Rested 5m, then some easy dumbbell training: curl, lateral raise, fly, French press, pullover. 2x12 with 12 lb., just to get the blood pumping. Later in the afternoon, basic strength training. Deadlift: 5x1 @ 235 lb. Clean and press: 5x1 @ 95 lb. Reduced the weight from 115 lb. to give myself some room for training momentum. 95 is 70% of 135, which is probably about my max press. Weighted pullup: 5x1 @ 20 lb. Each rep OTM.

28    183 lb. Weighted ring pullup with 20 lb.: 5x1. Deadlift: 5x1 @ 235. Clean and press: 5x1 @ 115. All reps OTM.

27     183 lb. Did my strength training early, before 6:30. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 230 lb. Power clean and military press: 5 singles @ 115 lb. Weighted pullups: 5 singles @ 20 lb.  Each rep OTM. Tomorrow will make 5 days of deadlifting 230, so I’ll bump up to 235 on Monday. I’ll stay with 115 for the press for now. That seems to be about a 70% effort- feels heavy, but the bar does not stick anywhere, and I’m not straining. I may use the Justa singles program- 5 singles a day at about 70%. If I can make a practice of doing these early in the morning, then I can dedicate my daily training session to long cycle and snatches. Deadlift, clean and press, and pullup seems about right. Later in the afternoon, loaded 32 bales of hay from the field to the trailer. It’s going to rain, so I’ll unload it tomorrow. Quick evening workout. Wanted to do 24k long cycle, but lower back pinches a little in the rack position, when the pelvis is anteriorly rotated. Snatches feel good, so did 16k snatch nice and slow: 10m @ 12rpm, hand switch OTM = 120 reps. Did not challenge my conditioning or grip, but definitely felt it in my shoulders and traps.

26     Basic, minimalist strength training. Deadlift: 5 singles OTM @ 230 lb. Clean and Press: 5 singles OTM @ 105 lb.

25    184.5 lbs. after eating junk for days. Clean and jerk, 24k 10m @ 8 rpm, hand switch OTM = 80 reps. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 230 lb. Dips: 3x10. Pullups: 3x6. Military Press: 3x3 @ 105 lb. Worked on house for several hours.

24   Slept badly last night. Dips: 3x10. Military press, 95 lb: 3x3. Deadlift, 230 lb.: 5 singles. In the evening at Civil Air Patrol, ran 1 mile in 9:14. Ran the first 1/5 slowly, with a cadet, then got on to my own pace.

23   Drove to Raleigh to take Isaac to MEPS. Did two sets of 6 pullups before leaving, then a set of 6 at a sporting goods store in the evening.

20    Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225. Ready to move up to 230. I’m getting my technique dialed back in, and getting accustomed to generating tension again. Bench press: 5 singles @ 135. I’m trying to decide if my shoulders like bench pressing or not. Clean and press, 28k: 5 singles per arm.

19    181.5 lb. Long cycle, 40k: 2m @ 5rpm = 10 reps. 28k: 2m @ 7rpm = 14 reps.  24k: 30m @ 8rpm = 240 reps. This is the second time I’ve done this, I think. Felt like forever, but nothing fatigued prematurely. Could have kept going. Rested a while, then deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb. Pullups: 3 sets of 6.   

16   181 lb. Pullups: 5x5, spread over a few hours. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 225 lb. Long cycle clean and jerk, 24k: 16m @ 8rpm = 128 reps.

14    183 lb. Pull ups: 1 set of 5 at home, then 1 set of 11 at the Crossfit display at a local festival. Deadlift: 5 singles @ 220 lb.

13    183 lb. Long cycle clean and jerk, 28k: 12m @ 7rpm, hand switch OTM = 84 reps. Bent press, 28k: 5 singles per arm. Deadlift, 220 lb.: 5 singles. Pullups: 5 sets of 5, spread over a few hours.

11   182 lb. Strength and power training. Long cycle clean and jerk, 40k. 5 sets of 2m @ 5rpm, hand switch OTM = 50 reps. Most set used an assisted clean, using the other hand to keep from tearing palms.  Using a cast iron bulldog with thicker handle than competition bells. Felt heavy, but I’ve never felt stronger with this weight. After the 40k, the 32k and 28k feel like toys.

9    182 lb. Long cycle clean and jerk, 32k: 12m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 72 reps. Later, half-snatch, 32k: 8m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 48 reps. Later, push press, 32k: 6m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 36 reps. Red bell felt heavy today. Worked on building projects all day. Very hot and humid.

7    181 lb. Hardstyle kettlebell swings, 32k: 5 reps each :30 for 16m = 160 swings. Was aiming for 20m, but developed a hot spot on left finger, and did not want to tear it. Pushups: 5 sets of 20.

6    Ran two miles with Isaac and a sergeant from the National Guard unit. Ran the Beecher Anderson road. Long steep hill in the middle.  Still a little sore from Wednesday’s running and sprinting. Helping Isaac get ready to leave for basic training. Kettlebell training: half snatch, 32k: 6m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 36 reps. Rest 4m, then clean and jerk, 32k: 6m @ 6rpm, hand switch OTM = 36 reps.

5    No training, but worked on the house for several hours.

4    Trained early in the morning with Isaac. Ran 2 miles, stopping every .4 mile to do 10 pushups. 50 pushups total. Took 27 minutes.  Rested about 30m, then ran 8 hill sprints up the driveway.

3    180 lb. First day back to training. Clean and jerk, 32k: 10m @ 6 rpm, hand switch OTM = 60 reps. Later, pullups: 3 sets of 5. Pushups: 100 total reps with Isaac, in sets of 5 and 10.

2    Still very tired from long week. Did some yard work and a few presses with a 28k kettlebell.

1    179 lb. No serious training since the last entry. Spent a week travelling, and at Civil Air Patrol encampment.  Worked on pistol squats and Hindu pushups some, but not faithfully.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Birthday Test

This week is my birthday, so I decided to test. Tested absolute strength, relative strength, and strength/power endurance. For absolute strength, I used the deadlift. At this point I only have a 300 pound barbell set. 300 went up slow and steady on the first and only try. Could have done more, but can’t say how much. Could certainly have pulled 315, maybe more. Since I never deadlift anymore, I’m pleased with this result. It’s not powerlifter strong, but stronger than a lot of guys my age.

I got 12 pullups. The last few reps were ugly, and involved some lower body gymnastics. My all-time best is 13, when I was younger, lighter, and focused on pullups. I have kept a lot of my pullup strength without doing a lot of pullups. I’ve done sets of 5 lately, with a set of 10 thrown in here and there. Like with the deadlift, it could be better, but I’ll take it. I think that bent presses have contributed to my lat strength, as well as the overall posterior chain strengthening of kettlebell long cycle and half snatch.

Tested strength/power endurance with the long cycle clean and jerk. I used a 32k kettlebell. I did 154 reps in 30 minutes, without putting down the weight. My previous best, a month ago, was 150 reps. This is only the second time I’ve gone 30 minutes with the red bell. I started at 6 rpm, but realized 4 minutes in that I could not sustain this pace, so dropped to 5 rpm. This performance would not earn a rank or turn many heads at an IKMF event, but I’m pleased with it. This was the hardest set I’ve ever done, mentally and physically. 70 pounds gets very heavy, and I wanted to stop several times. I’m pleased that I got my 30 minutes, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

In summary, I’m 41, weigh 179 pounds. I can pick up over 300 pounds, do 12 pullups, and pick a 70 pound weight up and overhead 154 times in 30 minutes without stopping. I’ve done close to 300 half-snatches with a 53 lb. kettlebell in 30 minutes. In the world of professional strength athletes and tactical operators, I doubt I’m even entry-level strong yet. But for a preacher with two kids and a desk job, I think I’m ahead of the curve. I’m grateful for strength, and for the chance to use it to the benefit of those I love.