Friday, December 7, 2018

December 2018 Training Log

14  188 lb. 30m of A+A training. On the minute: 5 snatches right, 5 snatches left, 1 power clean and power jerk with a 115 lb. barbell. All snatches with 24k kettlebell. Total of 50/50 snatches, 10 clean and jerks. Left side of mid back does not feel right afterward. In retrospect, I should have skipped the clean and jerks and just done 50 more snatches.

10  Some easy swings and long cycle to warm up. A+A training for 20m. Alternated between 2-hand swings and pushups. First 10m did 5 swings with 40k, 5 pushups. Second 10m did 10 2-hand swings with 32k, 5 pushups. Total of 50 pushups, 25 swings with 40k, 50 swings with 32k.

9- 189 lb. 1 hour of A+A. 24k snatch: 5 right, 5 left, 5 pushups. Repeated cycle 20 times for 100+100 snatches, 100 pushups.

7- 189 lb. 1 hour of A+A style training. For the first 30 minutes, did 5 snatches right, then 5 snatches left (24k), then 5 dips at the top of each minute. Repeated this 3-minute circuit 30 times, completing all work within 15s. For the second 30 minutes, did 8 2-handed swings with a 32k at the top of one minute, followed by 2 wide-grip pullups the next minute. Repeated this 2-minute circuit 15 times. In total, completed 50/50 snatches (24k), 120 swings (32k), 50 dips, and 30 pullups. Average heart rate in low 140's for an hour. Online monitor says about 840 calories burned.

4-  1 hour of A+A style training. Repeated a 3-minute circuit 20 times: 10 swings right, 10 swings left (24k), 10 pushups. All work completed in under 15s. Total of 400 swings, 200 pushups. HR averaged low 140's for an hour. About 840 calories burned. Too many pushups. My shoulders complained and kept me from training the next two days.

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